My Strange Addiction: Show Coat Edition

I have a few odd, quirky things I’m super into (read: show tunes. I’ve been on a kick lately and forgot just how much I love musical theatre so it’s all I’ve been listening to for like two weeks. And I definitely bought tickets to see Newsies.), but this is definitely my most, erm, pricey and nonsensical addiction.  Continue reading


Equus Tack Closeout Sale

Don’t worry–this post is pretty short and sweet. I just wanted to loop you all in on an amazing sale! I’ll be sad to see them go, but Equus Tack is closing their doors, and according to their Instagram, most, if not everything, Continue reading


Lone Star Fall Fest, 2016: Day 2

After such a wonderful first day, I was feeling pretty good about day two, if slightly exhausted. The day prior to my classes wasn’t quite as long, but I still wasn’t on my horse until almost two, and by then I was just about ready to be done. Continue reading


Lone Star Fall Fest, 2016: Schooling and Day 1

Well waking up today (Monday) was rough, and the horse show hangover is real. I feel like I’ll never be able to consume enough caffeine, and all of my muscles are sore. Even my hands hurt from all of the photos I took. But it was still a really great weekend, and well worth the exhaustion! Continue reading


Close Call

Wednesday was supposed to be my one day to jump a few bigger jumps before getting to the show, and was also my opportunity to reinstall some buttons after undoing Val a little at the horse show in our jump-offs and speed class. Of course, things with horses never go according to plan, and he came in with a bump on his knee.  Continue reading