Quiet Moments

When I was a little girl, I desperately wanted a pony of my own. Being a trainer’s kid, I settled for claiming each school horse as my own. They weren’t really mine of course, and my mother was working out of another farm so even she had no control Continue reading


Anniversary Adventures

Saturday was mine and J’s 7th anniversary. We’re both a little poor at the moment, so rather than getting each other fancy gifts and going to a fancy dinner etc., Val got the day off, and we spent the day on experiences instead. It was a pretty low-key anniversary, but it was lovely all the same. Continue reading


Let’s Discuss: USEF proposed rule changes

Though I haven’t been good about it in the past, this year, I decided to peruse the proposed rule changes. I’m actually an active member of USEF this year, so I get to have a say, which I think is really important to our sport. I really appreciate Continue reading


Throwback Thursday: England

I know I mentioned several times that I was going to share all about my graduation trip last year. And then it just never happened. To my credit, I was trying to get all of the media together which took quite a while. Aaand then it just fell by the wayside. But this trip really was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.  Continue reading


Cross Country Schooling at Pine Hill

This weekend, our barn made the last minute decision to go cross country schooling at Pine Hill just for fun. We’re a thoroughly Hunter/Jumper barn, but it’s fun to go play sometimes. I think we actually ended up taking 12 people? It was crazy. Last time we went cross country schooling over a year ago, we had a lot of fun (and almost died once), but Val was a little bit Continue reading