Couples Therapy

After what was, truthfully, a rough few interactions that left me feeling not so in love with my horse–including almost getting kicked/kneed/squished when trying to clip Val’s legs– we were due for some easy, happy stuff. That first came in the form of an easy hack out Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Sammy

Sammy is the mini-donk who came with the adjacent property my trainer just purchased. He’s suuuupr sweet and loves to say hi to people and horses, but won’t get on a trailer to go to  new home. Even after hours of trying. Weirdly enough, Val isn’t bothered by him at all. Must be all that racing in Louisiana. Continue reading

Breaking [Stuff is] Bad

It’s been a weird few days. There has been breaking, there has been badness, and there have even been drugs to help prevent more being bad and breaking things. And the whole thing culminated with someone getting naked. Continue reading

Feeling Inspired

As I’m sure most of you already knew, the George Morris Horsemastership clinic took place last week, and USEF was awesome enough to put the full length videos of each session on their website for free, regardless of whether you’re a member.**Sorry y’all, that literally JUST changed.** (You can find those here.) If you haven’t already, I highly recommend watching them when you get the chance by the way. Continue reading

How do you winter?

So winter hit this weekend, and it was a little cold. I know, I know, you’re going to tell me that in New York you never got out of negative temperature’s with your wind chill, and North Carolina had so much snow that people couldn’t fly home. But you guys. Winter sucks when nothing is actually equipped for cold weather. Continue reading