Holiday Gift Guide: Schooling Shirts!

I don’t know about you guys, but all year long I have no trouble keeping track of all the brands I love or would love to try, and then when it comes time to actually make my list or do some gift shopping, I can never remember any of them. So for this post, I’ve put together a list of some equestrian apparel small businesses I already love or have been eyeballing Continue reading

San Francisco: The Short Version

I’ve definitely got a longer post planned, but until I do some serious editing, it’s not going to be ready to share with you all. In the mean time, I put together this fun little infographic to give you all a quick and dirty run down of the trip. Suffice it to say, I had a blast, but was so glad I planned a buffer day between vacation and going back to work. Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide: Brushes!

My plan is for this to be a short series on fun things to give (and get) this holiday season. I realized while making my list this year that it was a lot harder to comes up with a variety of things I really want. Money for travelling or showing or lenses? Sure. But it was much trickier to come up with tangible items, since I’m starting to find Continue reading

TRM BlogHop: Before and After

Last week I was in San Francisco, and a bit too busy to post, but there is content coming! While I get my life back together and answer the 2,000 or so emails waiting for me at work, Cathryn at That Red Mare started a bloghop that’s exactly what I needed. Thanks for hosting Cathryn! Continue reading

Third Quarter Goal Review

Oops, we’re halfway through 4th quarter and I’m just barely getting around to this. That’s a pretty accurate depiction of the past couple of months in general though, so eh. As always, bold means I’m making progress, and if the goal is striked through, I’ve met it. No formatting means I’m failing big time. Continue reading