Oh Look! It’s Dry!

I’m starting to understand what some of you mean when you say good is boring. Not for me of course. Good is great from my perspective. But it doesn’t make for the best blogging fodder. Alas, with more rain coming, an easy flat ride recap is what you all are getting. Continue reading


Puddle Jumpers

Val and I are officially Puddle Jumpers. Not in the cute “we do baby jumpers” way. No. We are real Puddle Jumpers at this point. The rain finally stopped for just a brief period on Sunday so I went out to groom my horse Continue reading


Always Learning

In general, I consider myself a pretty good rider. I’ve done a lot of catch riding, and I’ve clocked a lot of hours as a working student and exercise rider at a few big show barns, and as a junior I actually did get paid to train a lot of different green and problem horses/ponies for miscellaneous clients. Continue reading


Too Easy

After Thursday’s lovely ride, Val had Friday off, and then Saturday I went out to jump him around a bit and make sure everything stayed normal on the weird leg front. All of the poofiness was gone when I got there, and the hole in his eye lid was looking better as well. He warmed up pretty ok. Continue reading


Snuggles Fix Everything

My accident prone horse decided that this time, banging his eye would be a good way to freak mom out. It was. Good job horse. Turns out it’s fine, just ugly. But while I was trying to look at it and take a picture for trainer who was at a show, all he wanted to do was lean into my hand holding his halter and get snuggles. It was so sweet and Continue reading