Catching Up

Oops! It’s been a week since I posted. My bad y’all. Despite the title of the post, there’s really not much catching up to do. Someone decided that their leg needed to blow up again for no reason, so he hasn’t been ridden since Thursday. He’s been hanging out with a wrap to sweat it out and see if it goes down on its own, and in the mean time I’ve been getting settled into J and I’s new apartment. Which, in case you don’t follow me on Instagram, involved quite the gauntlet with AT&T. But 1 week of no wifi, 8 conversations with AT&T that kept making the issues worse, and 1 really nice tech later, we have internet! Being an adult is hard y’all.


Totally unrelated photo, but these guys are so weird and I couldn’t not share.

I was also out of town all weekend visiting one of my best friends, so no pony time. But I’m finally going out to see him and re-wrap/possibly go for a bareback graze, and I really can’t wait for some pony time. Needless to say, we won’t be making it to the show this weekend, but this summer has been so busy and expensive, that I’m actually 100% ok with that. It will be nice to just spend some time with my horse in the morning before its miserably hot, spectate and take pictures for barn friends, and maybe even catch a little sun.


Bestie has the cutest kitty evar.

Sorry this post isn’t a little more exciting. To fill my pony void, I’ve been watching the Eventing in Rio at work the last few days, and holy cow it’s been amazing. As of this post, I’ve only seen the first few people go in Show Jumping, but I think Chris Burton has got it in the bag. Have you been sneaking live streaming into your work day too?

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    1. Oh definitely. You need to see what everyone is wearing, and really do they even have a tack trailer because they should. One guy had a boot blowout on XC so he needed something new ASAP!

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