Guinness Cupcakes and a Little Shopping

Last week was a bit of a breather on the riding front. I only actually got out to the barn three times, and a friend lunged Val for me on Friday. Regardless, Val was very good, and we did a short school on our own in the 20+ mph winds on Saturday, in which I still bumped the jumps up to 3’6, and he clocked around like no big deal. Somebody needs to get me jumps that raise themselves for my birthday or something, because getting on and off my horse several times in one ride gets old.

Friday was J’s birthday, so this weekend was primarily about him. Since he’s a huge Broncos fan, and was stoked about the Super Bowl, I made him Super Bowl cupcakes, which were both boozy and delicious. Of course I forgot to take pictures, but I made Navy and Orange Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey cupcakes (there was whiskey in the cake and the butter cream frosting) for the Broncos, and for the Panthers fans I made Guinness chocolate cupcakes with a blue Bailey’s cream cheese frosting. If things every don’t work out with work, maybe I’ll just open my own boozy bakery. we brought them to the bar where we watched the Super Bowl on Sunday, and even random strangers were devouring my cupcakes! (Should I post the recipes? They were sooo good and not that hard!)

As you may have noticed on Instagram/Facebook, earlier in the week Amanda again encouraged my awful shopping habit. To my credit, how do you turn down a $765 coat on sale for under $200? Anyway, this beauty is on its way to me:


My only Hunter/Equitation appropriate coat that actually fits is a wool jacket I bought when I was 16, (sooo…7 years ago) so it was probably time for an upgrade, especially because I’m not-so-secretly hoping that with Val’s new, more laid back attitude we can sneak in a couple of adult medals. And really, look at it. I couldn’t just leave it there. It’s so pretty, and classy, and just a little fun without being over the top or super noticeable when you’re riding around. I’m stoked you guys. Cavalleria Toscana may be a newer brand, but they have seriously nailed the combo of functional and beautiful.

This week it’s back to work, with only 2 weeks until the horse show. How did that sneak up on me so fast??

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