Learning to Adult

Today’s post is more about the other half of my blog title — Graduated. Now that I am what they call an “adult” with a degree and a full-job, I have officially taken on most of my own expenses, including rent, medical bills, etc. I had planned to do the whole Summer Circuit this year, and I was stoked. Then I hit my head.

Sometimes my SO takes amazing pictures when he didn't even mean to.

Sometimes my SO takes amazing pictures when he didn’t even mean to.

Concussion meant no week II of Summer Circuit because I didn’t ride at all in between (I actually just rode for the first time yesterday which is super exciting!). But I figured, “I could still make week III right?” Well turns out hitting your head is expensive because not only do you have an Emergency Room bill, but you also have to buy a new helmet. I was mentally doing the math and figuring out my budget for horse showing, and then my windshield cracked.


Technically it had a little crack already, but I washed it — still not even clean by the way — and suddenly the crack grew. And grew again. And rent was coming due. Whomp whomp. So instead of spending all my money on horse showing when neither I nor the horse has done anything for two weeks (which didn’t go so well last time), and Summer Circuit III is only two weeks away, I decided to be a boring grown up and shoot for GHHJA in September and maybe a clinic at the end of August.


I’m really glad to be done with school but this whole budgeting thing is not so fun. I’ve always had to budget to an extent, but I was very fortunate to have a family who covered most of my school and living expenses throughout college, and a job for the past year that paid way better than most part-time gigs. Welcome to life as a graduate I suppose.


9 thoughts on “Learning to Adult

  1. Welcome to adulthood. It is boring and tedious and expensive and stressful. However, there’s no avoiding it so not worth getting depressed about 🙂

  2. Erin M

    Ahhh yes… welcome to full-fledged adulting. Sorry to hear about your concussion. Those aren’t fun (ask me how I know). Which clinic are you thinking about?

  3. The upside is now when you want something new and mostly unnecessary… like a second Ogilvy, if you have the cash you can buy and no one can tell you no!

  4. I am dealing with adulting getting in the way of showing right now too. I needed new tires. And a root canal. Boo.

    That was one of the least fun ways to spend a chunk of money.

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