Second Quarter Goal Review

I’ll skip all of the preamble this time around, and instead I’ll jump right in. Just like last time, goals I’m making progress on are in bold,and goals that are completed are striked through. I have a feeling I haven’t made as much progress in the second quarter as I did in the first, but not to worry! I’ve got some things on the docket for this quarter.

Riding Goals

  • Make schooling 3’6-3’9 at home a regular thingWe’re still doing this, but not enough that it seems easy or comfortable to me so I’m not striking it out yet.
  • Continue to improve flat work and suppleness/relaxation while asking for harder thingsThis is so much better, but since it is ongoing and there’s still a lot of improvement to be made, I’m leaving it for now.
  • Strengthen my position so I’m not falling back over the bigger fencesThis is almost all the way improved. This only seems to be a problem over a really wide oxers, and over fences where I have to ride defensively or try to keep his stride on the short side.  
  • Improve the canter so the stride is big but not running/get more comfortable with the bigger canter and don’t overcorrectThis is getting better. Sometimes. At the clinic we did a really good job of this, but we haven’t had a chance to do much course work so this has slipped a little. It’s still better than it has been though, and on the flat we’re doing really well with lengthening and shortening exercises.
  • Show show show – Go to at least 4 this year–Still just the one show for now so no progress here.
    • Go to at least one rated show
    • Be competitive at 3’6
    • Move up to the high adults by the end of the year?
    • Compete in an adult medal higher than 3′ (thinking Emo Z cup?)
    • Get a year end award for the Take 2 Jumpers -Definitely a reach goal
  • Go to at least 1 or 2 more clinics this yearWent to a Ragan Roberts clinic in May (Day 1, Day 2, and final thoughts/notes) and we had a lot of fun and learned so much.
  • Show one of my babies in an Amateur Handler class.–Done! We accomplished this at the Lexington Spring Premiere and Stellar was kind of obnoxious but we had fun regardless.
  • Maybe buy a project pony/horse to turn around? Definitely another reach goal as there are a lot of factors that may make this a no right now.Bought Val in February which was even better!


Personal Goals

  • Stay on track with working out and being healthy for me and for my horse.Ehhhhh. I’m on track with the eating better, but working out has definitely fallen by the way side. On the plus side, we’ve been doing more “weight-lifting” type flat rides, and that has been really good for my core and legs so that’s something. How do you stay motivated to work out? I get so bored and I just want to read on the couch after a long day instead of working out.
  • Get better about meal planning and packing a lunch for work to save money and be healthier.Joseph still does this for me so I guess it counts? I’ve only bought lunch a couple of times all of second quarter.
  • Sell enough prints from shoots and horse shows to pay for the hosting of my photography site. This also means doing a LOT more shoots. I’m thinking at least 15 for the course of the year.–No shoots during second quarter. But maybe a couple lined up for this quarter?
  • Read 100 books (I read 50 last year!)Not anywhere near my goal, but I jumped from 8 to 25 so that’s definitely an improvement.
  • Travel more!–My only traveling was to Virginia and to Padre Island, but horses are expensive yo.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up when something isn’t rightI still avoid this on the blog for obvious reasons, but I’m getting much better about this in my personal life. That definitely doesn’t mean I get into comment battles or anything on Facebook. In my personal life though, I’m much more likely to pipe up, even if it might make people uncomfortable, and I’m not afraid to discuss difficult issues (in a polite manner of course).


Blogging Goals

Traffic has increased so much compared to 2015, and I’m excited to see the blog continue to grow so that I can share our story with more of you, and get to know more and more people in this awesome blogging community.

  • I think I did fairly well with keeping a 2-3x a week blogging schedule last year. I’ve got to keep this up.This is going really well! Still doing 2-3, sometimes with a 4th.
  • Host a few giveaways–Still hasn’t happened, but I’m working on it for sure.
  • Write slightly more personal content about being a recent graduate and balancing adulthood with horses–I’ve done a little more of this, but probably not a as much as I’d like. 
  • Come up with more content that promotes a discussionI think this has gone well, and the discussion posts have been really fun and enlightening. For me at least!
  • Break even on blog costs v. income–ehhhh. 


Is it weird to have a goal check in and a post about how we’re sort of aimless right now both in the same week? Probably. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  How are your goals for the year going?

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  1. Reminds me that I need to do a check-in! Sounds like you’re making really good progress in the important ways- and of course getting Val changes things in a fantastic way 🙂

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