Six Years of You

Once upon a time, there was a teenage girl–15 to be exact–who was a little shy, but determined to make new friends going into her Sophomore year. So she sat next to a cute boy she didn’t know in her second period World History class, and started up a conversation, even though it was terrifying and her hands felt a little clammy. But he was nice, and included her in the conversation he was having with other people around that she also didn’t know. And when he was in her third period Algebra II class, she sat next to him there too. And wouldn’t you know, he was also in her fourth period Chemistry class. Over the year they became great friends. Best friends really.

They each dated other people, and things were good.

But when summer rolled around, she finally realized that she had feelings for this boy who’d been so kind to her, and always made her smile. Over the summer, they dated casually–though the girl had no clue and thought they were just friends hanging out–and come fall of Junior year they were closer than ever, and the poor girl was sure they’d never be more than friends.

They kept up their casual dating, but things had changed, and they felt much more like real dates. There was a lot of flirting, and a lot of chemistry. One night, she didn’t even get home until 2 am, because they sat talking in his truck for two hours in front of her house. There were hints here and there, like when his friends made jokes, or when he held her in a hug for a little too long. One day before class he tried to convince her to go to a scary movie with him and a friend said “Oh come on! It’s just a date!”

“Was it a date?” she thought. She’d never even realized the previous outings had been dates.

When Homecoming rolled around, she hoped he would ask her to go to the dance. They’d already agreed to go to the game, because she’d never been to a football game. But when she finally brought up the dance, he told her he was going with an old friend from his Catholic school days, and she was crushed. So when another boy-an older boy-asked her to go, she didn’t even hesitate to say yes.

The day of the game arrived and her Homecoming date was walking her to class when the boy showed up out of nowhere with a huge mum, with her name on it. Poor Homecoming Date took the hint and mentioned some errand or other that he needed to run for the office.

The next three weeks were more confusing than ever. He’d brought another girl to Homecoming, but he’d gotten her the mum, and he’d been dropping more and more hints that he liked her. So one day, she took a chance. Before she went to school, she posted this status on Facebook.


She asked him “What does it mean when someone gives you a mum? It’s a pretty big gesture, so I just want to know what you think.” It took him three periods, but finally, he told her he didn’t want to be just friends anymore. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Now it’s been six years of love, of laughter, of heartache, of missing, of dreaming, of wishing.



My 17th birthday

Thank you for six years of “Good Morning” texts, and for six years of “Good Night and Sweet Dreams.” Thank you for still surprising me with flowers, and still holding my hand everywhere we go.


Senior Prom

Thank you for being brave with me and defying the odds. So many people said that long distance and college would eventually tear us apart, but here we are, with just two months lefts before we’re finally in the same city again.


Thank you for being silly with me and never taking life or yourself too seriously, and for reminding me to do the same.


Thank you for supporting me through everything, and being my rock when I need you to be. Thank you for letting me be your rock sometimes too, and letting me in to your world.


Thank you for understanding that horses are my passion, and that my world wouldn’t be the same without them. Thank you for not just understanding, but being supportive, and never asking me to skip a show, and even making it to as many as you could to be groom, photographer, carrier of all the things, and generally the best horse show boyfriend ever.


Thank you for dealing with my crazy and not just tolerating my flaws, but loving me more for them. Thank you for laughing at my eccentricities, and thinking I’m adorable even when I’m ranting about something inconsequential.


Thank you for going on adventures with me, and encouraging me from day one to step out of my comfort zone and be brave. Thank you for turning me into a person who can be spontaneous and take chances, and doesn’t always live inside my shell.


Thank you for cooking for me so I don’t have to live on chicken nuggets, and doing my dishes when you visit without being asked just because you know it’s my least favorite chore.



Thank you for being my Prince Charming every day, and saving me from both the world and myself. But thank you most of all for showing me what it is like to be truly loved, mind, body, and soul. Thank you for showing me what a healthy love looks and feels like, and making me feel like as long as I have you, I will be safe. I probably could live without you, but it would be a much more dull existence. I am positive that without you and your love, the sun wouldn’t shine quite as bright, and though my heart might not be empty, it would also never be full. Happy Anniversary my love.


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  1. Caitlyn

    You both have been the epitome of the perfect couple all these years. I always envied what you had, and now I have it with John. Thank you both for being the best role model couple on the face of the planet. I love you both to death and I hope to see you soon! xoxo

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