Catching Up

Oops! It’s been a week since I posted. My bad y’all. Despite the title of the post, there’s really not much catching up to do. Someone decided that their leg needed to blow up again for no reason, so he hasn’t been ridden since Thursday. He’s been hanging out with a wrap to sweat it out and see if it goes down on its own, and in the mean time I’ve been getting settled Continue reading

Second Quarter Goal Review

I’ll skip all of the preamble this time around, and instead I’ll jump right in. Just like last time, goals I’m making progress on are in bold,and goals that are completed are striked through. I have a feeling I haven’t made as much progress in the second quarter as I did in the first, but not to worry! I’ve got some things on the docket for this quarter. Continue reading

Welcome to the Real World

Last week, I mentioned that the blog had been around for a year. Something I didn’t mention, but that perhaps goes without saying–since this blog is called The Graduated Equestrian–is that it’s also been a full year and a few days since I graduated and joined the “Real World” of adulthood. And despite a bit of a learning curve, it’s been a pretty great year. Continue reading

One Year Blogiversary!

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of The Graduated Equestrian! Obviously this is a day late, but darn work got in the way and this blog is about the struggle to find a work-life balance and find time to ride soooo this seems actually kind of appropriately late. Continue reading