Holiday Gift Guide: Schooling Shirts!

I don’t know about you guys, but all year long I have no trouble keeping track of all the brands I love or would love to try, and then when it comes time to actually make my list or do some gift shopping, I can never remember any of them. So for this post, I’ve put together a list of some equestrian apparel small businesses I already love or have been eyeballing Continue reading

My Strange Addiction: Show Coat Edition

I have a few odd, quirky things I’m super into (read: show tunes. I’ve been on a kick lately and forgot just how much I love musical theatre so it’s all I’ve been listening to for like two weeks. And I definitely bought tickets to see Newsies.), but this is definitely my most, erm, pricey and nonsensical addiction.  Continue reading

Guinness Cupcakes and a Little Shopping

Last week was a bit of a breather on the riding front. I only actually got out to the barn three times, and a friend lunged Val for me on Friday. Regardless, Val was very good, and we did a short school on our own in the 20+ mph winds on Saturday, in which I still bumped the jumps up to 3’6, and he clocked around like no big deal. Continue reading

Sale + Low Euro…

So I occasionally get emails from My Selleria about sales and what not. Surprisingly, these come every few weeks at most, which is nice. But. I decided to take a peek and was Blown Away by the prices. The Euro is almost equal to the dollar right now, and once you take out VAT cost, the prices are unbeatable on a lot of high-end items. Continue reading