Let’s Discuss: Cross-training

I think it’s safe to say that we can all agree that additional exercise outside of riding can only help our time in the saddle. But what that cross-training actually looks like for everyone varies. Some people don’t do any exercise outside of riding at all, and there are people on the other side of the spectrum Continue reading

Let’s Discuss: USEF proposed rule changes

Though I haven’t been good about it in the past, this year, I decided to peruse the proposed rule changes. I’m actually an active member of USEF this year, so I get to have a say, which I think is really important to our sport. I really appreciate Continue reading

Let’s Discuss: Horse Show Warm Up

I’ve seen a pretty wide variety of tactics where horse show warm up is concerned. There are the people who take 5 minutes w/t/c 1 or 2 laps each way, jump a few jumps, and then they march right in. They’re efficient, it saves their horse for the show ring, and they tend not to be in anyone’s way–though their Continue reading

Let’s Discuss: Farm Websites

Today’s post is going short and sweet. I’m working on a big (to me) project, and I’d like to utilize the fabulous resource I have in all of you as fellow boarders, lesson takers, etc. When you’re looking for a new farm to board at, a trainer to take lessons with/send your horse to for training, or just somewhere to look at a couple of sale horses, Continue reading