How do you winter?

So winter hit this weekend, and it was a little cold. I know, I know, you’re going to tell me that in New York you never got out of negative temperature’s with your wind chill, and North Carolina had so much snow that people couldn’t fly home. But you guys. Winter sucks when nothing is actually equipped for cold weather. Continue reading

2016 Blog Gift Exchange Unwrapping

Well you guys, for the second year in a row I have been paired with an amazingly talented blogger. Niamh really knocked it out of the park with her papercut portrait last year, and I am just blown away by the thoughtful gift Emily at Tony the Pony sent me this year. Continue reading

Third Quarter Goal Review

Oops, we’re halfway through 4th quarter and I’m just barely getting around to this. That’s a pretty accurate depiction of the past couple of months in general though, so eh. As always, bold means I’m making progress, and if the goal is striked through, I’ve met it. No formatting means I’m failing big time. Continue reading

What Horses Have Taught Me About Winning and Losing

Our sport comes with a lot of highs and lows both at home, and in the show ring. In a sport where the start of many of our classes is indicated by the phrase “You are now being judged…” it’s inevitable that many of our wins and losses feel deeply personal. But horses have taught me some valuable lessons about both. Continue reading

The Countdown to San Francisco

Surprise surprise! J’s family is super awesome and the past few years they’ve gone on a big trip for Thanksgiving instead of holing up at home with a Turkey. The first year they started the tradition, we went to Beaver Lake in Arkansas and still had a real Thanksgiving dinner, Continue reading