I Love My Pony: A Lesson Recap

Remember how I mentioned it’s been hard to get any real consistency going lately? Well. Case in point: when I checked my planner to figure out how many lessons I’ve had in the last couple of months, I realized I have had 0. My last lesson was October 2nd. It hasn’t been for lack of trying, I promise. But every time I tried to do a lesson Continue reading

San Francisco: The Short Version

I’ve definitely got a longer post planned, but until I do some serious editing, it’s not going to be ready to share with you all. In the mean time, I put together this fun little infographic to give you all a quick and dirty run down of the trip. Suffice it to say, I had a blast, but was so glad I planned a buffer day between vacation and going back to work. Continue reading

Ragan Roberts Clinic: Wisdom Nuggets

All weekend at the clinic, I sat in the arena to get the most out of the clinic, and make myself as useful as possible setting jumps and taking photos for the clinic. I did my best to take notes when Ragan said something particularly interesting, and made mental notes whenever I was riding. On the second day, I actually picked up a catch ride on a lovely green horse for the last session, so I didn’t get to take as many notes as I wanted for the greenie session on day 2, but I was way more excited about the catch ride! Continue reading

Lexington Spring Premiere: Hunter Breeding

While I was visiting in Virginia, we headed over to the Virginia Horse Center to show the babies in the hunter breeding classes at the Lexington Spring Premiere. For Stellar, traveling to and hanging out for a day at rated shows is old hat, since she showed on the line all of last year, but for baby Beau, this was his first horse show. Previously he’s been to the vet once and inspection with Bethany, and that’s about the extent of his traveling experience.  Continue reading