Throwback Thursday: Lancelot

You all have seen a few photos of my grey man here and there, but he’s been on my mind a lot more lately. He wasn’t my heart horse, and sometimes I wished I had an easier horse. But I owe so much of my success and my current ability to Lancelot, and I thought you guys should get to know him a little, so that you too could see how lucky I was to have this horse come into my life. Continue reading

2015 Year in Review

Since I didn’t start blogging until June, I don’t have a list of goals to review, but I’m going to review my year anyway. As you’re reading this, I am en-route to the family farm in Virginia, and I’ll probably not post until I’m back on the 30th. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: HITS Ocala

The day after I got dropped off at college, my mom and brother started the drive to Florida to meet my dad, who had taken a new job and moved October of my senior year in high school. They have since moved up to Virginia (obviously) but while they were in Florida, I had the amazing opportunity to show one of my mom’s client’s horses at HITS Ocala. This is not a horse I was super familiar with, Continue reading

Four Beautiful Seats – The Time I Was in Practical Horseman

With a lack of anything super interesting to post, and Thanksgiving coming up, today is sort of a throwback. I promise though, there are more fun things in the works, and a breeches showdown coming up just in time for Christmas shopping.

As I’m sure most of my readers know, Practical Horseman has an article each month in which George Morris chooses four photos and critiques them–Jumping Clinic With George Morris. Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Guest Appearance by Nerdhorse

First, one quick note about my No Stirrups November endeavor. I did two sets last night, one in each direction. I only did posting trot. I can do sitting trot with out stirrups all day long, so I’ll work that in later, and Val was a little tense, which is never helped by dropping my stirrups at the canter. As it turns out, sitting without stirrups has not helped my ability to post without them, Continue reading