How much is that llama in the window?

I mentioned in my last post that Val was a bit of a terror to ride two weeks ago. (Also, I am leetle behind, sorry!). He just would not relax at all for me, he was chomping like crazy on his bit, and I couldn’t get him to soften his jaw at all. Continue reading

Weekend Recap: Doing Our Homework

Saturday we are supposed to have a one day show, so I did my best to get some prep in this weekend. Saturday, I set up a couple of simple pole exercises to work on some of the basics without the pressure of real jumps, and Sunday we lessoned and did some short courses. Continue reading

Weekend Recap: Cloud 9

After an amazing weekend with Val, I am going to be on Cloud 9 for the rest of forever. Or at least for the rest of the week. If you follow me on Instagram or you’ve liked the blog’s Facebook page, you probably already know what I’m talking about, but too bad, you get to hear about it again because my horse is amazing and I’m going to tell anyone who will listen how incredible he is. I don’t know why it still surprises me when my horse gives me more, more, more. Continue reading

Building the Ego

Val has always been a horse who thinks quite highly of himself. I think it’s kind of a thoroughbred thing really. Though I do try to keep his attitude in check a little bit, he does best when you let him have his ego to some extent. He performs best when he’s really confident in his own ability, and I think that’s probably true of most horses. Continue reading