Getting My Sea Legs Back

This week has really been all about getting our (mostly my) sea legs back after basically 2-3 weeks with minimal riding. Especially after the clinic, we had so much rain that it was hard to get in any riding, and it’s amazing how much muscle and strength you can lose in just two weeks when you don’t substitute in some other form of exercise. Continue reading

Ragan Roberts Clinic: Wisdom Nuggets

All weekend at the clinic, I sat in the arena to get the most out of the clinic, and make myself as useful as possible setting jumps and taking photos for the clinic. I did my best to take notes when Ragan said something particularly interesting, and made mental notes whenever I was riding. On the second day, I actually picked up a catch ride on a lovely green horse for the last session, so I didn’t get to take as many notes as I wanted for the greenie session on day 2, but I was way more excited about the catch ride! Continue reading

Ragan Roberts Spring Clinic, Day 2

I woke up Sunday morning not sure what day it was, or why my alarm was going of at 6 am. When I finally figured all of that out, I climbed out of bed feeling like I’d been hit by a truck, so that was gobs of fun. After a little coffee I was feeling slightly more human, and I made my way to the host farm to hand walk my horse and work out any stiffness he might have had. Continue reading

OK to Fail

Though most of my lesson on Sunday was great, all I can seem to remember and play over and over in my head was the point at which I failed my horse, and–to some extent at least–he failed me. I went into my next ride expecting the same attitude from my horse that he gave me Sunday, and though we had a good ride despite that, it still wasn’t fair to my horse. Continue reading

Square Turns

After getting back from VA, my week was pretty crazy, and I only got to Val on Wednesday, so I made a plan to work hard Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Val didn’t agree with this plan, but we’ll get to that shortly. Wednesday’s flat was lack luster, and Val really wasn’t giving me much, but I didn’t worry too much, since horses are horses and just aren’t going to come out perfect every day, just like we don’t. Continue reading