A Facebook Page and a Sale

Today is just a couple of quick updates:

Since I felt bad always sharing my posts on my personal Facebook Page and forcing my non-horsey friends (Yes. I do have a few of those.) to see them all the time, I made an official Facebook Page for The Graduated Equestrian. There’s a handy new “like” button right over there.


If you use Bloglovin’ there’s also a button for that!


She looks weirdly obese in this picture, but I swear she’s a very healthy weight.

The other tidbit is that Zulily is having an amazing sale on all Kastel Denmark shirts, jackets, and vests. Everything is about 50% for two more days. Since I love my TS sun shirt, I decided I need to try Kastel as well. I already shared this link on my personal page but not all of you are friends with me on Facebook so…

Super amazing sale on Kastel Denmark

Happy shopping, and “like” away!

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