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Well yesterday was super crazy and busy, even for a Monday. Good thing I had this ready just in case! Without further ado, 5 of the items on my Equestrian Apparel Wishlist. You know I do have an anniversary coming up too…*hint hint.* Click on the pictures for a link to where you can see more details, or order if you are so inclined!

1. I am currently in love with Le Fash. And oh look a clearance shirt with only my size left! Coming in at $107.50 (discounted from $215) this is still a really expensive shirt but I really really think I need it.


2. While that shirt is gorgeous, what if it’s classic day? What if I do an Eq class or a Medal? Or a derby? Obviously I’ll need a white shirt, and even though I have a few, this one looks so much comfier. Even if it isn’t classic day, the subtle emerald trim on the buttons would look really perfect with the next item…

Wh-Herr-w-Emerald-Open-220x3303. I will always love TS, but the almost Emerald shade of green used for these Le Fash breeches is really just gorgeous. And right now I only have 3 pairs of breeches which is just not enough for riding 5 times a week doing laundry sparingly.

City-Breech-Central-Park-SV-220x3304. You might be noticing a theme here: I’m really into the emerald/hunter green thing that’s really popular right about now. And having recently discovered Winston Equestrian jackets, I am in love. They fit so nicely, and have such beautiful details,  but still have a very classic look so that they are appropriate for the hunters.

638811758_con_hunterwhitepip15. I discovered this gem months ago on The $900 Facebook Pony’s blog, but then stumbled across it again while assembling this list and fell in love all over again. Horse Pilot has an amazing tool to make this jacket 100% your own, and how beautiful does this tan collar look with the gray jacket? Ugh. I need to go to more shows so I can justify dropping this kind of money on show clothes. Haha.





And just for fun, here’s a non apparel bonus that I really don’t need but would so love. Our Dover bridle is perfectly acceptable, but who wouldn’t fall in love with this gorgeous CWD bridle?



I’m sure many of you have seen this tweet floating around social media, but if I were to get everything on this wishlist, this would be 100% true and then some.


What about you guys? Are there any brands out there that you love that most people don’t know about? Are you on the Le Fash train like me? Let’s hear all about your no budget wishlist.


13 thoughts on “Equestrian Apparel Wishlist

  1. I was really disappointed with the fabric of the Le Fash breeches in person. Not my favorite. The Winston coats are gorgeous though, Megan carries them in her mobile!

    1. Well fortunately for $330 I’ll never be able to justify the purchase anyway. Haha. But Megan is actually how I discovered Winston coats. If I ever get to her trailer in person I don’t know if I’ll be able to resist.

  2. I can haz it all??

    Just got my first Le Fash (from the Luxe Eq sale – $75!!), and I’m in love. Even though the neck is too small and makes me feel hulk like (gross), I am in love. Can I wear it to work?

  3. My Le Fash shirt didn’t quite work for me, but I have discovered a deep and devoted love for Fior da Liso shirts. Loving all the green in this post, and that Winston coat is killing me!

  4. We have had a few issues with Le Fash breeches defective returns. It was their first run, I think, but more than one pair came back to the tack store I work at.
    The shirt, however, is FANTASTIC! I splurged/birthday/discounted got one and wore it at show this summer. So so so comfy, long sleeves (I have long arms apparently) and it kept me cool and dry, even under an old wool hunt coat. I can’t say enough good things about the shirt. It is pricey, I don’t know if i’d buy another at full price, but i’m looking for more deals on them.

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