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So I occasionally get emails from My Selleria about sales and what not. Surprisingly, these come every few weeks at most, which is nice. But. I decided to take a peek and was Blown Away by the prices. The Euro is almost equal to the dollar right now, and once you take out VAT cost, the prices are unbeatable on a lot of high-end items. I’ve got a few of the best sales/my favorite items linked below, but you should shop around for more. They have a wide variety of items and brands on sale, so you just might find something you’ve been needing or looking for. Or maybe just something you really want but couldn’t get yourself to splurge on…

Prices are rounded approximations, but should be pretty close to accurate.

Jin Stirrups in a million colors: $121

Lorenzini Aluminum Stirrups: $147 or if you want the special Macrame design, $107

Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Loose Ring (Aurigan): $109–I may order one of these, but they only have 55mm rings (bridoon). Still a really good price even after shipping.

Samshield Shadow Matt (in black, brown or blue): $244

Basically every style Charles Owen helmet: Starting at $204 for GR8

My Tattini Breton Boots (black or brown!!): $172–These fit like Parlantis, but have lasted me almost 2 years of heavy wear, bathing horses, and minimal cleaning. And there was zero break in! Well worth the price even just for schooling boots. They also have other styles, but this style is the best price.

Equiline Show Coat (Blue only): $209

I’ve not actually ordered from this company before, but for the price, I would even deal with bad customer service and slow shipping. I get the feeling that won’t be the case though, as each order comes with your choice of a free gift. Options include a cute aluminum horse key chain, a hoof pick, salt block, or an iron bridle hook just to name a few. To me this seems indicative of an overall desire for each customer to have a great experience.

Get shopping!

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  1. Aimee has ordered from them. I can’t remember if they’re one of the ones where you end up with a duty bill. Just something to keep in mind, it usually adds another $20-30 if you get charged duty fees.

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