Somebody Stop Me

I haven’t been able to ride since Wednesday, and I’m not even sure I’ll be able to ride tomorrow. We have a grass ring that dries faster than the sand arena, but it doesn’t have lights, so by the time I get to the barn after work, I’m still unable to ride.

So naturally, I just bought more stuff to ride in. When it’s finally dry again, which may be never. To my credit I only (so far) bought three items for myself this weekend. I did finish my Christmas shopping though, and I’m so excited to have finished before December even started.

I obviously can’t share the gifts that people haven’t even received yet (post Christmas!), but I can share what I bought for myself. 2/3 have arrived, and I’ve only been able to touch 1 so far.

#1 Thanks to the amazing sale on Spooks Jackets Amanda shared on her blog’s Facebook page, I scored this beauty for $75 (retails for $458 I believe) from Equus Tack, and it only took like 2-3 business days to show up, which is fantastic customer service in my opinion.


I’ve only taken a terrible mirror selfie in it so far. If you really want to see it is on both Instagram and Facebook which you can find over there —->>>>.

It is the most comfortable show jacket I’ve ever worn, and there are a lot of really nice details. I’ll do a review once I finally get to show in it!

#2 Perusing the Equestri Lifestyle website yesterday, I found a tan pair of Le Fash breeches that were a size too big, but reduced to $185 (retail $328) after the Cyber Monday discount, and a pair of Lo Ride tan breeches for $140 (retail $198) and free shipping. I debated for a while, but since the Lo Ride breeches were in my size, I decided on these pretty pants.


These have not yet arrived, but I’m thinking that once they do, I’ll need a photo in my breeches and jacket. These will be featured in the previously mentioned breeches show down.

#3 My trusty Toshiba laptop has been great, and I wrote many a paper for college on it without issue. But I have recently had more business coming my way for my little side photography business  and it just does not have the memory or processor to cope with the thousands of huge files and photo editing software. Even removing everything that isn’t from the last 10 months has it taking almost 15 minutes to be able to actually function at a somewhat reasonable speed upon logging in. So I found a great deal on a new Lenovo z70 that is currently being held at my apartment office for pick up.


Since they were already in my cart from earlier window shopping, I also purchased all of the Star Wars movies. I’ve seen them all several times, but somehow didn’t own them, and I have to get caught up for the new movie! I’m so stoked to break out this bad boy and start transferring everything when I get home from work since I can’t ride.

Did you do a Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping? Get any good steals for yourself or on Christmas gifts?

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  1. Tracy

    I have a Lenovo for work (I do graphic design) and it’s wonderful! Super fast even with large files and multiple programs open!

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