My Strange Addiction: Show Coat Edition

I have a few odd, quirky things I’m super into (read: show tunes. I’ve been on a kick lately and forgot just how much I love musical theatre so it’s all I’ve been listening to for like two weeks. And I definitely bought tickets to see Newsies.), but this is definitely my most, erm, pricey and nonsensical addiction. 

While many people collect sun shirts, or breeches, or belts–you know, things you’ll use on a regular basis in your riding–I seem to collect discounted show coats.

I have no idea how it happened, I swear. It’s like someone just shoved them in my closet. But all of a sudden, despite only showing a few times a year, and never at a show longer than 2-3 days, I have somehow accumulated six show coats. Yes. Six.

I really need to learn to say no to a good deal.

I have the wool coat I’ve had since I was a junior and tech fabric wasn’t a thing. It was used when my momma bought it for me at a horse show. I’ve kept it in case there’s a cold show, or I just want something more classic looking I guess. It’s a mostly ok fit, but it’s definitely a little dated. I’m not even sure what the brand is.


I have the Horseware jacket I bought when I was going to be showing at HITS and figured I needed something other than my wool coat (because Florida in March still gets toasty, despite needing a sweater to show in my morning classes). It was cheap and fit well and since I also had to buy whites, a new helmet, and new tall boots, cheap was perfect. My momma added silver piping to the collar and pockets to make it even cuter.


Brand new everything. It’s a miracle I didn’t die.

Then I was at a Dover tent sale, and they had those pretty R.J. Classics on sale. The price was great, and I needed a navy coat I could use in the hunters that wasn’t wool. While I liked my Horseware jacket, black with silver piping is less appropriate for hunters. So oops, I bought that too.


Photo Courtesy (and bonnet) of Lauren M.

Even though I had the basics covered, I *needed* something a little more fun. Obviously. And so when a tack shop was clearing out their Spooks inventory and had a dirt cheap brown coat which I’d been dreaming about for forever, that made it into my closet as well.


While I liked my R.J. Classics coat, it wasn’t the best fit, and was a little bigger than I like here and there. Not a terrible fit, but just a little boxy and long on me. So when a gorgeous navy Cavalleria Toscana jacket popped up on super sale shortly after I bought my Spooks jacket, I didn’t think too hard and just ordered the thing.


My last jacket purchases were made quite a while ago. Months and months. I’ve been so good. But. Then a friend texted me and said she was looking to get rid of an Animo jacket that was still in great condition. Again, it was a great price. And I mean, Animo jackets are never on sale but they’re so pretty and nice and I reallllly wanted one.

And that’s how I bought jacket number six. Oops.


So now I have more jackets than days I’ve actually showed this year. Until the past couple of years, I rarely even showed in a coat at all. I don’t know where this obsession came from. And I still feel like I need a green jacket. And possibly burgundy, but I don’t think I’m brave enough to push the rules with a jacket even slightly red.

On that note, I really do need to downsize, so if anyone is looking for a navy jacket in a size two, I’ve only worn that R.J. a couple of times and it probably needs a new home…

Is there anything you seem to collect, even though there’s probably no need?

25 thoughts on “My Strange Addiction: Show Coat Edition

  1. Jenn

    I looooooooooove me some open-front boots. LOVE. NEED. GOTTA HAVE.

    I currently have 3 full sets of open-front boots (so, 12 boots total), and I’m always lusting after the pretty brown leather ones, even though I definitely don’t need them. I don’t know what it is, but I adore all the open-front boots!

  2. Same as Jenn, I have SO many boots its a little ridiculous.I’ve actually lost count of how many pairs I have. I think its around…14 sets? oops. I Literally cannot pass up a good deal and always snag them…even though I really don’t need them. Such a problem.

    That burgundy jacket is actually gorgeous omg.

    That being said, I have zero show coats since my entire ensemble was stolen at a show, and kind of need one…

  3. If I was as tiny as you and could scoop up tons of jackets on sale or used, I’d have six too! As it stands I have 3 hunt coats and 1 shadbelly, so I’m not that far off 😀

  4. Kristi

    I’m not even sure how many I own and I almost NEVER wear a coat…DOH! Bought a new one last month. Wore it once, may or may not ever wear it again. 🙂

  5. Newsies 4 life!!!!
    I’m too poor right now to hoard anything except ramen, but I’m a total breech hound when I have the cash. I just want all the pants. I do really want another show coat though- I have a hunter green one that I love and a navy one that straight up doesn’t fit, and I’d reeeeally like something fun for the jumpers. Like a french blue or burgundy.

  6. Christine aka Momma

    I find it very hard to walk past used bits. I have quite an arsenal at this point. And you never know when one might be just what you need. Right?

  7. Several observations:
    Though I know these show coats are expensive, be sooooo gad you’re not a western pleasure gal. The good ones are always custom, and start around $1,000. START.

    I personally like the chocolate brown one the most!

    Maybe try the buy one-sell one method?!

    1. Geeze! Even at full price, none of these coats is that much.I think the chocolate one might be my favorite as well, but shhh don’t tell the others. Buy one-sell one is great in theory, but every time I think about that I find a reason as to why I need ALL of them. Lol.

  8. I can’t decide if a burgundy coat would look good or awful on me/ chestnut. My bonnet with burgundy looks good but that’s minimal in quantity.

    8 have a navy coat that is grand prix or RJ I think and then I have 2 more Classic hunt coats that I couldn’t give up. I have an ungodly number of kastel sun shirts and holy breeches. I’m not sure there is such a thing as too many though. I also have 4 pairs of boots so there’s that…

  9. I feel like I may have bought my house just for the large storage area in the basement that I knew I could fill with tack. I have 5 bridles…5! And my horse is retired! I count jackets as a style item so I feel like you need a new one every few years…and a few spares because…well…you just do!

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