Review: Cavalleria Toscana Eleganza Jacket

Today is the first of 2 jacket reviews. This will be pretty short and sweet, because there’s just not much I don’t like about this jacket by Cavalleria Toscana.

I ordered the jacket at a pretty steep discount from NET-A-PORTER, who is kind of like Zullily for really high end products. While their site is often wonky, if you can make it work, the discounts are great, and the service I received was fabulous.

When I opened my box, here is what I saw:


Nicely packaged jacket in a Cavalleria Toscana bag, with a free sample, an invoice, and a little black bag.

What’s in that blag bag you say? Well they included a handy little tape measure, and a measuring chart. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve waffled back and forth between two sizes because I didn’t know my measurements, so this was greatly appreciated. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a great way to make a new customer feel special, and make their future purchases even easier.


Enough about the company I ordered from though. You’re here to read about the jacket!


My first impression when I pulled the jacket out of its bag, was that this is the most luxurious item I own. Every detail was clearly thought out, and the fabric feels so nice. You can kind of see in the photo, but there is satiny trim on each pocket, the cuff of the sleeves, and on the collar. Unlike a lot of jacket brands, there is no glaring branding on this jacket. The buttons have their logo and one of the shoulders has the logo stitched on, but it is the same color as the jacket and barely noticeable. Another nice detail that adds to the elegance but, again, isn’t glaring, is the way the front of the jacket meets at the bottom. This cut also helps the jacket sit nicer when you are on a horse.

The material is just thick enough that it doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy, but it is also cool, breathable, and quite stretchy. I also have an R.J. Classics softshell that I bought for the hunters, and this fabric is so much thinner and more comfortable. Since the R.J. also doesn’t quite fit, this jacket is absolutely replacing it as my hunter/eq coat. (Side note: I’m looking to sell the R.J. if anyone is looking!)


Eleganza jacket in action and a flapping figure 8 nose band.

I love that it has fun and classy details, without being so loud that I couldn’t wear it in the more conservative hunter/eq rings. I suppose the silver buttons might be a bit much for some people, but they are not flashy, and there are only 3 of them (traditionally in the hunters and equitation you do not see four button jackets–I know, it’s silly) and they really aren’t all that flashy.

When I showed in this jacket, it was in the upper 70s-low 80s and super humid from the recent rain, and though I was warm, I was pretty comfortable in this jacket even after several classes, warm up, and tacking up my horse.

I will say that this jacket seems to be meant for a slightly shorter torso. It obviously has the more European look with the more fitted shape, and shorter length. This was perfect for me, because I’m only 5’1 with a short torso. The sleeves were pretty much the perfect length for me, so for a taller person, they might run short, as might the rest of the jacket.


Little sleeve peaking out. My arms are too short to ever have the 1″ of sleeve showing. It just doesn’t happen. Photo by Lauren M.

Really my only complaint is that the top button gaps a smidge, and this problem would probably be solved by having a hidden zipper under the buttons to make the fit more smooth. Someone who isn’t as busty probably wouldn’t have this problem, and sizing up may have fixed the issue as well. It’s not that noticeable when I’m riding, and this is just kind of a problem for with with any top that has buttons, so it’s not a big deal. The sleeves were also a bit snug (again–sizing up may have fixed this). I ordered my normal size, so you may want to order a size up, but you can also usually find measurements for show jackets when ordering them, so instead of guessing like I did on a non-returnable item, you could also just take your measurements before ordering.

This jacket retails around $600 but depending on where you find it you can get a better price. I paid $188 for the jacket, and it was absolutely worth what I paid. I don’t have $600 to spend on a show jacket period, but compared to many other jackets in this price range, it is by far the best option at the price point. I like this much better than any of the R.J.s I’ve tried/touched as well as the Grand Prix jackets, and while there are some Animo’s close to this price point, because they are the low-end versions they aren’t nearly as nice.


Photo by Lauren M.

This jacket is clearly meant to last and is so well though out. It is also machine washable which is a huge plus, and I would absolutely recommend it.

It was tricky to find someone currently selling these (most likely because most retailers are waiting for them to roll out their spring line) but I was able to find my exact jacket here if you are curious for more details or need one for yourself. I think their spring line will also feature a hunter green version which I would have my hands all over if I had the budget and need for another jacket.


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