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This will be my first review, hopefully of many. I’ve got a lot of horsey items and products I really like but , I’ve seen much less about these products, and thought I’d share my two-cents. First a bit about EcoLicious products from their own site:

“Certain products in our grooming totes can be outright hazardous to the health of our animals, our earth, and our health. To stop the toxic overload we need to be more aware about our everyday choices: our horses & barn included.

Our products are different. Formulated free from  nasty chemicals, silicones & parabens, they are gentle and effective and respect your and your horse’s health. We believe in natural & earth friendly grooming that delivers red carpet ready results while protecting the planet.”

I am not typically the type to look for “all natural” anything. I don’t buy organic, I eat processed food, etc. etc. But I’d seen a few people who used the products on their horses report very good results and thought I’d give them a shot. Fortunately, they have a handy sample pack just for people who want to try their products, but don’t want to shell out $25-$30 per bottle.

The sample pack comes with shampoo, mane/tail/coat rinse out conditioner, and a leave in serum that looks a feels a bit like Cowboy Magic, but is not slick at all.


I’m a bad blogger and lost my before pictures somehow, but there are pictures right after the first use. Before this bath, he’d been a bit neglected and had a lot of sweat and grime stuck to him. He also had the beginnings of rain rot on his butt, and the area around his eyes was a bit grimy. After the bath everything was much better. All the grime was gone, even on his butt, and he was very shiny and soft. I only used the conditioner on his mane and tail for the first bath, and I followed up with the de-stress detangler. A few weeks later he had a bath before the show, and I put the conditioner everywhere, which made him so incredibly soft. He had his third bath this weekend.


First bath, definitely shiny, and you can see how soft he looks.


Obviously very sunbleached from lving outside 24/7, but despite that his coat does not look fried, and especially along his neck and shoulder, his coat looks amazing.


Sorry it’s blurry, but here is what his tushy looked like after some scrubbing after bath 1.



We’ve done a lot of currying as well, but the fur has grown back over nicely, not grime, and his fur is shiny and healthy.



His socks come out this white every time with no whitening shampoo. And they always start really dirty.



Not great but you can see this the fur around his eyes is thin and even after a bath his got some leftover marks from where he sweats. This is partly because he doesn’t love having his face scrubbed.



Not as improved as I might hope, but still better. Again, this is tough in the summer because he won’t let me fuss at his face much with water or a curry.

The products obviously work, and I like the idea that I don’t have to worry about what the runoff might do to the grass, and I don’t have to worry as much that his skin might get super dried out by all of the chemicals.

As far as using them, I have no qualms. The shampoo comes out looking watery, and doesn’t get as sudsy as many shampoos, but it’s still got sudsy enough, and he’s obviously super clean after each bath. When I’m being very thorough, I usually put the shampoo in a bucket and fill that with water. Once I’ve gone over him with a sponge to get soap everywhere, I go back with one of those gloves that has a curry on one side, and a brush on the other. I use the brush to scrub everywhere and really work in the shampoo. After shampoo I rinse and then put conditioner right on the same brush to work that in all over his body, and use my hands to work it into his mane and tail. I wait until his mane and tail are almost dry to work in the detangler, and because it’s not at all slick, I put it in both his mane and tail. Even next day his mane and tail are soft and easy to brush through without any sort of extra product.


He’s the most difficult horse to take pictures of, because he won’t stay far enough away.

After three baths I still have at least enough left for one or two baths, but I went ahead and ordered a full sized bottle of each of these three products, plus hoof treatment because I’ve been so happy with the results of the minis. At $15 the price is great for a little sample pack. The Kicker is that shipping is also $15 unless your total is at least $30 (which means shipping is free). Even still, I think for quality products, $30 is not a bad deal to be able to try these products, rather than spending $85 to get a full bottle of everything when you’re not sure you’ll like them.

If you’re thinking of ordering, and your cart ends up totaling over $50, throw in a free bottle of the “De-Stress Intensive Restructuring and Detangling Treatment” for free. When checking out you won’t see the discount factored in for this, or shipping, but your final invoice will be correct. You can even use PayPal. The only downside is the products come from Canada, and shipping definitely takes a while, so plan ahead.

So. Anyone else use these products or have any thoughts? Anything else you want to know that I didn’t include in the review?

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