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I was blown away by how much feedback you guys gave me on Friday’s post, so in light of that, I’m going for complete honesty here. I’m going to do my best to provide facts, though since this is a review it will include my personal opinion as well, which you can take or leave as you will.


First, the good, because there is plenty of it.

Equestri Lifestyle has a fantastic array of items, ranging from budget friendly Horze and Equine Couture, to more high end Asmar and Ghodho. She’s got tons of color options wherever the maker offers them, and she even offers embroidery on a lot of the products. The Equestri Lifestyle spur belts are super cute, and she also carries other popular brands such as Hunt Club, Sporthorse Lifestyle, B Vertigo, etc. She carries Ecolicious products which is a big win in my book, and several other brands as far as horse care goes. She’s got a variety of tack for the horse, and she also has a small consignment section. Simply for the great product offerings, I would definitely suggest stopping into her new show if you’re in California and it is at least somewhat close to you.

Then there’s the bad.

I’ve personally ordered from Equestri Lifestyle twice now. The first time, I ordered just one pair of breeches, and it took about two weeks to get my final package. The packaging was cute, and it came with a hand written note, which I thought was very sweet. While some shops do have faster shipping, two weeks was still reasonable to me since I wasn’t in a huge rush, and small businesses sometimes just take a little longer to fulfill an order.

The second time however, was a nightmare.

On January 1st, I ordered two pairs of breeches, a shirt, and two different Ecolocious products (I was spending Christmas money, and going for free shipping. To get free shipping though, your total must be $350+ which is a little crazy.). One of the items was a pre-order of the Ghodho breeches that had not yet been released, and I was OK with waiting until they were released to receive my package, which was only about a two week window or so.

A month later I emailed the shop owner to find out if my package was on the way since I knew the Ghodhos had arrived, and it took a few emails to finally here back and be told the package would be on its way shortly. I received a confirmation from USPS that a shipping label had been requested. And then nothing.

After sending several emails, and Direct Messages on Instagram, many of which went unanswered, I finally received everything but the Ghodho breeches on March 23rd. This was of course, after a few more emails from USPS that said a shipping label had been requested but never made it farther than that, and several promises from the shop owner that my package was on its way when it wasn’t.

My package included a note that said that she was out of the Ghodhos in my size, and a pair would be drop shipped directly to me in the next few days from Ghodho. When this didn’t happen, I reached out again, to no avail. I tried emailing Ghodho directly, only to find they they do not drop ship. They forwarded my inquiry to Equestri Lifestyle twice, with no response, and finally on May 30th, I requested that I receive my breeches or a refund by the end of the week.

On Monday, May 31st, I received an email notice from PayPal that I had received a “payment” (this is important, remember it!) from Equestri Lifestyle. Assuming the refund would post in a few business days, I turned around and ordered directly from Ghodho on the same day, and received my breeches on June 2nd. It should also be noted that there was never a reply or an apology sent in response to my request for a refund, and if PayPal had not notified me, I may not have known I’d even gotten my refund.

And even though I received my breeches, the fun isn’t over, because instead of issuing it as a refund, the shop owner paid me as if I was a merchant, and PayPal is holding onto the money for 21 days to confirm that the “customer” is happy with their purchase.

After receiving my first package, I was offered a free baby pad for my troubles, in the color of my choice which I appreciated, though after three months it was not enough to make the problem go away. However, true to fashion, no baby pad has yet to arrive.

I debated sharing the conversation threads with you all as well, but they are mostly me asking again and again where my package is and why I can’t get in touch with her. There is no phone number listed on their website, and Equestri Lifestyle does not have a Facebook page, so your only options are email, Instagram, or Twitter. After my post on Friday, many people shared with me stories they had that were quite similar to mine, and that is certainly something to keep in mind when ordering from this company.

Overall, I would not recommend doing any online shopping with this retailer, but if you can go in person, I would assume there is little that could go too horribly wrong.

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  1. Jenn

    Um, wow. HOLY CRAP, what a nightmare! I follow EL on Instagram and their stuff is cute, but I haven’t ever had the need to order anything from them. There was so much wrong with your order and the random PayPal “payment”, so that kind of thing definitely makes me want to stay away. But I’m glad you shared your experience here on the blog; hopefully their customer service and turnaround drastically improves, but I’m sorry you had to go through this. There is nothing worse than having something take a really long time, and constantly feel like you’re sending your emails into a black hole just to find out when it’s supposed to get to you.

  2. I’m really glad you decided to share your experience! I follow ELS on social media and agree that her selection is really outstanding, however after hearing this customer service nightmare, I definitely won’t be ordering any time soon. Thanks for the very matter-of-fact review 😀

  3. After reaizing what company you were dealing with, I had some sympathy for the one woman show, however the service wsa entirely unacceptable, and nothing appropriate was done to rectify it. I will certainly be avoiding them.

    1. Knowing she pretty much does it all herself, I was totally okay with 2-3 weeks for fulfillment, and a couple of days for a return email. But it seems that if her business is booming that much, it might be time to hire help. IMO anyway!

  4. TW

    I can’t believe that this business has not responded to any of your inquiries! As a small business owner, I know that excellent customer service is one way to compete with the bigger retailers and it doesn’t cost anything to send an email, make a phone call, or answer a DM. I’m sorry that this has happened to you and hope you get your money back soon. However, I just wanted to let you know that if she has paid you through Paypal as if you are a merchant, you will most likely be charged a 3% fee, which would be deducted from your refund. I hope this isn’t the case.

  5. Ugh- I had a feeling it was this brand. I love a lot of their items, but I’ve heard stories that have always made me wary. I’m so sorry you had to go through this!

  6. C

    Having the exact same struggle right now! I ordered two shirts and a pair of breeches that were supposedly in stock according to the website. I waited a few weeks, and they still hadn’t been shipped. So, I emailed, and so she shipped the next day which was nice. My package came, but was missing the breeches, and a note said they were coming directly from their brand. I thought whatever, I’m not really in a rush. However, it’s been three months later, and still no breeches, despite many emails and instagram comments. I still don’t have them, and don’t really know what to do at this point lol. Total bummer, because I really love their selection.

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