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I know you guys have asked for a review of my Spooks jacket  a few times, and finally I’m getting around to it (thanks to moving this past weekend and having zero content about my horse as a result). This was another item, much like the Cavalleria Toscana jacket I reviewed a while ago, that was an Amanda fueled impulse buy. I don’t know what algorithms she runs to find these, or how she finds time to keep track of all of the different tack shops and the great deals they occasionally offer, but I’m definitely not complaining.

I purchased the Spooks Show Jacket for a mere $75 at Equus Tack (who no longer carries Spooks coats. Wahhh.) , but it retails around $350-500 depending on where you buy it. Paradise Farm & Tack looks to have the best price in the US right now at $345 and carries all colors (Black, Navy, Brown, and Ocean Blue). I did also find a British retailer, Equiport, who carries the Brown version only for roughly $212 before shipping. I can’t tell if VAT is included but here you go.


Photo courtesy of Lauren M.

In short, this jacket is a new favorite. I do also love the CT jacket, and for the hunters/eq stuff it would be my go to, but this jacket is just so darn comfortable and pretty.

I chose brown, because I’d been wanting a brown jacket for quite some time, and I think the white piping looks really nice and less flashy on the brown compared to the strong contrast on the darker jackets. This jacket also has gold buttons instead of silver, which is a fun detail that makes the jacket slightly less flashy and contrasty. The other colors have silver buttons.


The branding is more obvious that with my CT jacket but their logo is pretty fun, and it’s on the sleeve rather that on the breast of the jacket which I appreciate.

This jacket is super stretchy, and gets more airflow than any other jacket I’ve ever owned. In fact, after I got off of Val at our last show, I forgot to take it off because I was so comfortable. The material looks nice, despite being a stretchy, more athletic type of fabric. The fabric also does not get wrinkled. Ever. It’s magical.


Photo courtesy of Lauren M.

Since it’s meant to be a pretty sleek, fitted jacket, the sleeves have very discreet zippers on the ends to make adjusting your shirt sleeves and getting the jacket on easy and painless. It also meant I could roll up the sleeves of the shirt and jacket all at once instead of shoving them up your arm. This too helped with airflow and staying cool despite showing in a muggy indoor.

The jacket is well constructed and feels durable. It also stayed very clean throughout the day, with cookie slobber and dirt wiping right off, and no sweat showing through the jacket.

Spooks also makes several other jackets that looks to be fairly identical other than the details like color and piping. I seriously waffled between my brown jacket and this gorgeous grey jacket with navy piping.


I really don’t have any cons to offer for this jacket, but I would suggest sizing up if you don’t like a really fitted look, or you are between sizes. I ordered an XS, and would be fine in a S as well. I will also note that the jacket is on the shorter side, being more of a European style jacket. This was perfect for me, because my torso is short and normal length jackets tend to hit in weird places, plus I really like the European look. The only odd thing sizing wise is that the sleeves are really long. I usually try to have an inch of white peeking out from my sleeve, but with this jacket, it just doesn’t happen. So if that’s something you’re super anal about, this jacket might not work for you.

As with basically any show jackets I try on or purchase, this did gap just a bit across my chest, but short of doubling up on sports bras, I’m not sure this would be fixed by anything other than a zipper, which might still look odd.


Photo courtesy of Lauren M.

Even at $345, which is quite an investment, I think this jacket is worth the price. I would be willing to save up to purchase the jacket at that price if I needed another. Since many people keep only one or two show jackets, this is a great investment piece that should last quite a while. I got so many compliments on the jacket when I was wearing it and after when people saw photos from the show. Being the slightly vain creature I am, a jacket that makes me feel that good and helps me stand out in the ring (in the best way, but maybe don’t screw up too badly in this jacket?) is a great investment. I can’t wait for a chance to wear it with my whites!


Photo courtesy of Lauren M.

15 thoughts on “Review: Spooks Show Jacket

  1. ditto Karen. The grey looks nice! I don’t think I would like something so tight. I don’t want my fat being called out… But that’s a personal problem.

    1. Yeah, it definitely runs on the small side and since it’s such a stretchy fabric, it doesn’t hide much. Had I realized, I probably would have ordered a small.

    1. Yeah it is a little harder to find. The only other one I’d seen that I really liked prior to finding this one was an Animo, but while I can find a way to justify ~$400, $800 just makes me want to cry.

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