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Still nothing all that exciting happening with Val, since SOMEBODY decided to run under a tree and now has scraped up and inflamed withers. Ugh. I did get out to the barn though, and Val did some (mostly) free jumping, so more on that shortly.

In the mean time, I do still have something fun for you guys. Keep reading for the best part. Or just scroll to the end. Either way.


And here is Heather, looking shrimpy as usual on a normal sized horse.

Anywho…A couple of weeks ago Mallory, the owner and designer of a new equestrian lifestyle brand called Vantage, reached out to me about doing a product review. She offered to send me a shirt in exchange for doing a review, and after taking a peek at her shop I was super excited. One week later, my new shirt was in my hands.

In fact, there were so many fun options, that it took me a day or so to actually decide which shirt I even wanted. I’m not even a Standardbred fan and I almost ordered the “Raise Your Standards Tee” because the design is just so cool but there’s also a Star Wars shirt soooo…..


But I made a good choice with the Draft Power Tee.  All of the shirts are super soft American Apparel tees or tanks and most of them come in several color options. So soft and comfy in fact, that when I put it on to check for sizing after ripping open the package, I forgot to take it back off and lounged around all evening in it.

I’ve worn it several time since then, including sweating all over it twice at the barn, and it washed great, with minimal shrinkage and no change in how soft the material feels.

I really love how pretty the design is, and I’ve been dying for a few pretty graphic tees to ride in so this is definitely going to see a lot of use.


Shipping and fulfillment with Vantage was quick (one week exactly from start to finish), and Mallory was quick to respond to any follow up questions I had. My main question was on sizing and I’m just going to put what she told me here:

“The shirts are either women’s or unisex cut — if you’re looking at a shirt with the XS option, its going to be unisex, so if you’re usually very petite and prefer a tighter fit I would go with that! If you like things a bit looser, the small is your best option. They’re very soft and do have a fair amount of give to them, but they keep their shape well.”

I went with the XS, and the fit is exactly perfect for a riding shirt. Another bonus? Sizing goes from XS/S all the way to 2XL/3XL on most of the shirts, so there’s something for every size and shape.


Shipping is about $8 now only $6, and is free with a total of $100+, and in my experience that’s pretty standard or even on the low side for packages shipping from California, so no biggee there.

This shop and the super comfy tee get an A+ from me, and Vantage is definitely a new favorite small business. Here’s the best part! Mallory was generous enough to provide a 10% code just for blog readers, so take a look at the shop here, and use code GRADEQPLUSVANTAGE for 10% off of your order.

After the last review was kind of a downer, it was nice to share another pleasant experience with you all. There are definitely a few more shirts (and probably a coffee mug too) that are on my wish list. How about you?

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  1. Thanks for the lovely review, Heather! The shirt looks GREAT and I love the pics 😀

    Just to let everyone know, I’ve dropped the shipping for US orders to a flat rate of $6 🙂 Free shipping kicks in at orders $100+

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