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So it rained all weekend, and we’ve been dealing with a booboo on Val’s hind leg that isn’t making him lame, but does have some heat and swelling, which means it’s been very boring and short hacks and nothing exciting to talk about. Therefore…it’s a perfect time for a blog hop!
Thanks Breeches and Boat Shoes and SmartPak for this fun and quick blog hop.

What is your favorite equestrian-specific product that you use when you’re at the barn?

I love love love my EcoLicious products. Right now I only have the bathing products and the hoof treatment, but next on the list is the Body Spray that prevents sun-bleaching and sunburn, and the Gloss Enhancing Coat Tonic. Val’s coat is looking great thanks to the bath products and some serious grooming, but he lives outside 24/7 so his coat got a bit bleached over the summer, and winter always makes his coat dull. The hoof treatment has made a HUGE difference in helping him grow out some serious cracks, and he always smells so good after I use these and his coat stays soft and nice for a while after. Even Val has learned to love spa day too! (Also, turns out these are also dog friendly, so guess who is getting a bath soon!)


What is your favorite non equestrian-specific product to use when you’re at the barn?

I almost always bring a baseball cap to the barn with me, especially now that I have bangs again, because I get some serious helmet hair. But that’s not really a product so….iodine. I haven’t had to use this in a while, but it’s so useful. Fungus? Iodine scrub. Puncture? Squirt in some iodine. Heel crack? put some iodine in it. That stuff is great. The only downside is how badly it stains.

What is your horse’s favorite equestrian-specific product to wear or use?

I’m gonna have to say cookies. He really loves those German Horse Muffin things, but he will also settle for Mrs. Pasture’s. Actually he’ll do all kinds of things for those. Including bow all alone in the pasture after I have walked away. Homeboy is a cookie monster.


What was the best equestrian-related gift you were ever given, and why does it mean so much to you?

Since my mom is a trainer, and I’ve always been around horses, I’ve had too many equestrian gifts to keep track of. But I think I would probably have to say the shows my grandparents paid for when I was a senior in high school. I’d never been able to do A shows because as a trainer’s kid we didn’t have the budget. But my senior year I was pushing to get on a college team, and in order to be taken seriously I needed to be showing on the big circuits. So my grandparents paid for me to show all year, and even though I also worked my butt off for my trainer so they only had to pay the facility and not training fees or hauling, it was still an amazing opportunity I’d never have had otherwise.

My high school Ch/Ad jumper, who also happens to be a thoroughbred.

If you had the ability to create any product or anything to make your time at the barn better, what would that be?

I school alone at the barn all the time, and sometimes I schooled fairly high, but I have to start low for warming up, and then I usually do something in between before I put the jumps up again. So I either have to set all three heights in the ring, or I have to get off 2-3 times to change jumps. So I’m stealing Tracy’s idea for several raising jumps that also spread on their own and pick themselves up if you knock a rail.

Do you use any of these products? Do you love them as much as I do?

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