Dear Santa…

So I tried my new Lo Ride breeches yesterday. More details to come on Monday in a full comparison of all my breeches, but suffice it to say, I’m not impressed. This week has been a bit of a whirlwind with a holiday potluck and white elephant exchange at work yesterday, our holiday party for work downtown tonight, followed by the barn party tonight with a Secret Santa exchange, and the blogger Secret Santas being issued yesterday. On top of all of that, I got back from San Diego at 1 am on Monday morning, and with just a few hours of sleep, had a full work day on Monday.  But even with all of the things I’m keeping track of, I love the holiday season, because I am killing it on gifts this year (for the most part anyway. I’ll admit my white elephant gift wasn’t quite what I wanted it to be because I forgot my ID and without it, most people don’t believe I’m 21) but otherwise, I think I did pretty well.

Speaking of gifts, you all know what Val wants, but what am I asking for this year? Well since you asked…

  1. Boot socks. The Tuffrider argyle socks are usually my go to, but I’m thinking I need more fun socks. I’m all about Star Wars, Harry Potter, and any other nerdy awesome themes.Tuff_Rider_Bamboo_Argyle_Boot_Socks_wht-lt_blue_grande
  2. A belt that is wide enough for my TS breeches. something cute and fun, since all I have is a boring black belt (that may still have white paint from when I helped move slightly tacky jump standards for the clinic) and I need more colors and fun in my life.

    Love these colorful embroidered belts!


    So pretty. But so expensive!

  3. A book of flat and pole exercises. Val and I both get bored so easily, and while I can usually come up with pretty decent exercises for jumping, on the flat I have more trouble, and tend to cut my flat short because I’m out of things to do. Darn my short attention span!


    Not actually one I want since these are jumping exercises, but a very popular book that I have used in the past and found useful!

  4. New stirrup leathers. My stirrup leathers are only attached by a few strings, and it’s only a matter of time before we land hard from a jump and snap them completely. I don’t do lined leathers, because I always punch half holes, and the leathers never go short enough for me without buying kids stirrup leathers, which I won’t do in case a trainer needs to sit in my saddle. Plus I just thing the lined ones wear out faster. I kind of like the Nunn Finer in the darker brown but I’m slightly concerned that the roller–while convenient–will make them bulky under my thigh. leathers
  5. one of the many cute shirts from One Horse Threads. I love pretty much all of them, but this design is one of my favorites!


    Dear Santa, I wear a small. 😉

  6. Summer riding gloves. I haven’t been wearing gloves lately, though once it gets colder I’ll pull out my winter gloves. I actually prefer riding in gloves, but my standard SSG gloves are a bit stiff, and a bit too warm most of the time, so I opt to go without. I would love a pair of lightweight gloves that don’t affect my feel of the horse, but that give me a little extra grip, and also don’t make my hands sweat and get gross.

    Cool, kinda fun, but not super sporty looking. and not too colorful! I’ve had my eye on these for a while.


So those are a few of the things on my wishlist! What’s on your list for Santa for this year?

10 thoughts on “Dear Santa…

  1. I’m interested to hear about the Lo-RIde, I’ve never seen them in person. Also, if you like the embroidered belts I have one you can have… I don’t have any breeches with wide belt loops anymore! Well ok I have the tan Renard et Chevals but I always wear one of my Turkish belts from Mango Bay with those. The embroidered one feels sad and lonely.

    1. I can’t find anything about them I like sadly. It’s entirely possible the things that bother me wouldn’t bother someone else, but I wouldn’t recommend them. I would definitely love that belt though!

  2. i have that one horse threads design on a tank top and love it! also i have a slightly similar version of the same SSG lycrochet gloves – tho mine has the horseshoe shaped wrist, which i prefer to having a closure at the wrist.

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