Photography Friday: Bluebonnets

Every spring in Texas, Bluebonnets pop up in fields and medians across the state, and it seems as if everyone takes cute photos of their families and children in the bright blue flowers. If you’re lucky, there are even some Indian Paintbrushes mixed in. Most of the time, these are hastily snapped photos on the side of a highway with a cell phone, but the new field our trainer bought last fall has patches all over it right now. With no actual children to take photos of, and photos of Joseph and I romping through bluebonnets already on our walls, I decided to take photos of my equine child instead. I wanted to practice posing horses for portraits any way with the time crunch of the sun setting, and I had already decided to practice doing button braids yesterday while I had the day off (I also decided I don’t like using the bands, and will be picking up yarn and a pull-through tool! These are not as flush against his neck or even as I’d like without the yarn to pull through.), so it was really a perfect afternoon for bluebonnet pictures.

I also downloaded the All Ears App, because I have a shoot this weekend I wanted to use it for,  and thought I’d test it first. As it turns out, though every other horse in the vicinity stared, Val was unimpressed. Fortunately, he was a great model all the same and stood with his ears pricked almost the entire shoot, and only tried to graze a few times. I do have a new appreciation for any assistance I’ve ever had with equine portraits now though, after doing these completely on my own.

Besides the funny braids though, I’m quite pleased with these!



6 thoughts on “Photography Friday: Bluebonnets

  1. Debbie Follman

    Oh my gosh… I think my question disappeared!!
    Sorry, injust would like a little advice about often being left behind by the paint pony lol, I am either misjudging my distances or not giving her the right que, I’m trying to teach myself through books and YouTube .. but seeing as you know her better than anyone .. how can I fix me?

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