Someone to Sit Beside

“I want someone to sit beside after the day’s pursuit and all its anguish, after its listening, and its waitings, and its suspicions. After quarreling and reconciliation I need privacy – to be alone with you, to set this hubbub in order. For I am as neat as a cat in my habits.”
― Virginia Woolf, The Waves

Two Saturdays ago, after I rode Val, I took him out to graze and just enjoy his company. There were few other people at the barn, and the quiet and stillness was nice. I sat with my horse and my camera, appreciating all the green that the winter and spring rains has helped to grow, and tried to capture the beauty of the moment. The stallion in his pen was feeling extra sweet and came to the fence to say hello and rally my help with the tall grass just outside his pen. For lack of riveting content (unless you want to hear about how I’m still doing lots of circles) below are some of the photos I took while spending quality time with my little thoroughbred.













12 thoughts on “Someone to Sit Beside

  1. Jenn

    These are lovely 🙂 As wonderful as the “big moments” are with our horses, I always enjoy the “little moments” like you had that day with Val. I think that’s what makes a partnership extra special!

    1. That was after he begged me with those sweet eyes for a handful. As soon as I handed it to him he back a few steps away so I couldn’t take it back. Haha. He’s such a funny boy.

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