Third Quarter Goal Review

Oops, we’re halfway through 4th quarter and I’m just barely getting around to this. That’s a pretty accurate depiction of the past couple of months in general though, so eh. As always, bold means I’m making progress, and if the goal is striked through, I’ve met it. No formatting means I’m failing big time.


Riding Goals

  • Make schooling 3’6-3’9 at home a regular thingMade good progress on this front at home. Lots of schooling 3’6ish at home on my own and in lessons but by the end of the quarter it still wasn’t quite feeling easy and occasionally I feel a little panicky cantering down to a fence.
  • Continue to improve flat work and suppleness/relaxation while asking for harder thingsMade some leaps and bounds on this front, but there’s still more work to be done! Val can take a little pressure now though without his brain melting out of his ears.
  • Strengthen my position so I’m not falling back over the bigger fencesOccasionally I get a little round in my back over the fences, but I’m much more balanced and working on getting a more solid auto release now that my core is better able to keep me where I need to be. Just need to work on using my inner thigh more over the fence to hold on and not just using my heel and core to balance.  
  • Improve the canter so the stride is big but not running/get more comfortable with the bigger canter and don’t overcorrectI don’t know that I’ll ever get totally comfortable with this (Hunters 4 lyfe yo), but at our last show this really showed through as an improvement when I just let the canter big open and loose, and most everything came up well as a result.
  • Show show show – Go to at least 4 this year–I made it to 3 with Val and I’m not planning to do anymore this year, but that was entirely a budget thing.
    • Go to at least one rated show-No budget for this, so it’s not happening. Unless you count the in-hand classes
    • Be competitive at 3’6–Not competitive, but we did move up!
    • Move up to the high adults by the end of the year?–def not going to happen, but I have a plan for next year that is dependent on a few factors but would ideally allow us to get the miles we need to make this happen.
    • Compete in an adult medal higher than 3′ (thinking Emo Z cup?)–No medals. Womp.
    • Get a year end award for the Take 2 Jumpers (Definitely a reach goal)–Again, no rated shows, so not an option
  • Go to at least 1 or 2 more clinics this yearWent to a Ragan Roberts clinic in May (Day 1, Day 2, and final thoughts/notes) and audited another RR clinic last month. Write up still pending!
  • Show one of my babies in an Amateur Handler class.–Done! We accomplished this at the Lexington Spring Premiere and Stellar was kind of obnoxious but we had fun regardless.
  • Maybe buy a project pony/horse to turn around? Definitely another reach goal as there are a lot of factors that may make this a no right now.Bought Val in February which was even better!


Personal Goals

  • Stay on track with working out and being healthy for me and for my horse.I’ve been a little lazy on the working out front, but I’m down 10ish lbs from January, and halfway to my goal, so overall this is going well. 
  • Get better about meal planning and packing a lunch for work to save money and be healthier.In an effort to save money, I basically didn’t buy myself food at all for all of third quarter. I’ve definitely saved some money, and skipping the after work mozzarella sticks from the Sonic down the road seems to be making a difference. Who knew? 
  • Sell enough prints from shoots and horse shows to pay for the hosting of my photography site. This also means doing a LOT more shoots. I’m thinking at least 15 for the course of the year.–Thanks to one amazing lady at the barn, the past two years are now paid for. But I’ve only had a couple of shoots. So half of this goal was attained! I’ve got another shoot scheduled for after Thanksgiving, but I don’t see myself squeezing in all the other dozen or so.
  • Read 100 books (I read 50 last year!)Not going to hit 100, but I’m absolutely going to hit 50 (I think I hit 40 by the end of the quarter?) and I’m making my stretch 65.
  • Travel more!–No traveling during third quarter, but we’re off to San Francisco at the end of the week, and I’m going to Virginia again for Christmas. 
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up when something isn’t rightI still avoid this on the blog for obvious reasons, but I’m getting much better about this in my personal life. That definitely doesn’t mean I get into comment battles or anything on Facebook (I did do this one-time when a video popped up claiming that bullying was good for giving kids thicker skin and teaching them words don’t matter but usually I’m good about avoiding this). In my personal life though, I’m much more likely to pipe up, even if it might make people uncomfortable, and I’m not afraid to discuss difficult issues (in a polite manner of course).


Blogging Goals

Traffic has increased so much compared to 2015, and I’m excited to see the blog continue to grow so that I can share our story with more of you, and get to know more and more people in this awesome blogging community.

  • I think I did fairly well with keeping a 2-3x a week blogging schedule last year. I’ve got to keep this up.Still going strong here! I’m confident I’ll get to cross this off at the end of the year.
  • Host a few giveaways–So far this is a fail, but I’m hoping I can get at least one organized for this last quarter.
  • Write slightly more personal content about being a recent graduate and balancing adulthood with horsesI think the balance here is getting a little better. Unfortunately part of being an adult is having things you can’t put on the internet.  
  • Come up with more content that promotes a discussionI don’t know about you guys, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the discussion content lately and hearing what you guys have to say. There are so many different view points to be found in blogland! 
  • Break even on blog costs v. income–Yeah I’m going to assume this is not going to get crossed off but I’m having fun with the blog so good enough. 

3 thoughts on “Third Quarter Goal Review

  1. First off, if you like the mozzarella sticks, then you need to ask for cheese on your tots. As in, just melted American cheese atop a mountain of glorious fried tots. Also, you need to try my fave drink if you haven’t already: diet mango limeade. It’s diet. And there’s always happy hour.

    You still have a month and a half to crush some of these goals!!

  2. Lots of stuff crossed off so far! Setting out goals for the year has been so useful for me in the past but I haven’t done it at all since breaking my leg. Maybe it’s time again?

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