Wordless Wednesday: Sammy

Sammy is the mini-donk who came with the adjacent property my trainer just purchased. He’s suuuupr sweet and loves to say hi to people and horses, but won’t get on a trailer to go to  new home. Even after hours of trying. Weirdly enough, Val isn’t bothered by him at all. Must be all that racing in Louisiana.

He’s so fat, he has fat deposits on his sides. and yet he begs for snacks all day long.

What fun extra creatures do you have at your barn? Mini-donks seem to be the thing around blogland these days.

7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Sammy

  1. How can I not respond?! We have a LOT of extra creatures at our barn! We used to have 2 mini-donks (have you seen the FB post about BiancaDonk?!) but after doing research we determined that they were preventing the “real” donkey from doing his job of protecting the goats (we have 6 female and 1 male Boer goats, 1 baby and a herd of babies on the way) from predators so we found them a new home. The donkey antics in the pasture when we had all three were amazeballs. Lots of running about with each others’ leg/tail/mane/neck in the mouth of another. And now the “real” donkey still does nothing to protect anything except the food in his bucket from other animals. Go figure. In addition ton the donk and goats we have about 90 chickens, 9 dogs, 1 barn kitty, 3 foster kittens from the shelter and a house’ish kitty. E-I-E-I-O

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