Ragan Roberts Preview

I’m sure you’re all eagerly awaiting the second round of Ragan clinic recaps (see the first round in August here and here, but be warned, they are from the early blogging days, and the formatting might be weird though the information is good), and I promise I’ll have them soon. I’m still waiting for all of the photos to trickle in, and I’ve been rapidly working through my own photos, and I want to really do these justice. I will say though, that Val really came to play, and was a rock star all weekend. I needn’t have been worried, because he didn’t even bat an eye when Ragan maxed out a lot of the jumps, and he proved that all of my hard work is paying off.


Bonus horse on the bottom and Val for scale at the top in their huge, beautiful and airy stalls at the host farm

I had so much fun this weekend, and I learned so much. I spent all weekend at the host farm observing every session, setting jumps, and taking photos. Remember when I said how much I wanted to be the best rider I can be, and how much I put into this sport? This is just another example. I spent almost 12 hours each day at the clinic absorbing every bit of training I possibly could, bombarding poor Ragan with questions outside of my own session, moving  and setting jumps, and making sure he would remember me as the rider who stayed and put it extra work when it wasn’t required of me.


“None of the other horses have to wear these embarrassing hats mom. Take it off.” He was also a little lonely, and would whinny to me every time he saw me coming down the aisle because he’s adorable.

I took notes in every session as well, so I’ll have lots of those nuggets for you just like last time. A lot of what he said was similar to the last time he was in town, but it was good to hear some of it again, or phrased in a different way. I can’t wait to work on all of our homework, and I think writing these next two blog posts is going to be great for helping me really digest everything we learned.


OK, I’ll give you one just to tide you over! Isn’t he the cutest? Photo Courtesy of Lucy T.

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  1. Those stalls are loooooovely! Can’t wait to read your recap – and kudos for putting in the time to capitalize on what the clinic had to offer!!

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