Blog Hop: The Little Things

If you thought I was sometimes sappy before, get ready for exponentially more cheese now that I actually own Val, and I’m allowed to be head-over-heels in love with him. I’m really excited about this blog hop by The $900 Facebook Pony, because Val has so much character, and I love the chance to share it with you all. So here are a few of the little things I love about Val.


I love how intelligent he is. Sometimes it gets us into trouble, but I love it all the same because it makes his personality so big and sweet and a little sassy, and I know when I need to, I can trust him to think through a tricky situation.


I love that after a ride, he nickers for cookies every time I step out of the tack room and makes a goofy cookie face in the hopes that I’ll give him one.

I love that once he learns a new trick, he does it all the time, even when he isn’t being cued, hoping that cookies will appear.

I love that every time I lean into his shoulder, he gives me a hug (while I taught him this trick, he voluntarily does it when I’m not asking), and even if there are no cookies, he’ll let me stay there and just enjoy his warmth and steadiness.


I love that even though he’s super talented and well trained now, he gives so much more for me every ride than he would for anyone else.

I love that when I go to get him from his field, he’ll walk away from whatever he’s doing and come to me nickering.



I love that if I’m anywhere on the property where he can hear me, he’ll look around until he finds me if I call his name, and he’ll watch me go wherever I’m headed.

I love that his play drive is so strong–even if it means he comes in with new bite marks and scrapes daily.


Photo by Lauren M.

I love that he’s so sweet that even all the barn kids, barn husbands, and random visitors like to fuss over him, and that he’s super gentle when one of them comes to say hi.

I love that he helps me fly, and he loves his job as much as I do.

I love that we are so in tune with each other, that he knows where we’re going on course before I’ve touched my reins, and he changes his bend when we’re hacking just because I change my diagonal.

I love his wild mane that always seems to be everywhere.

I love a lot about Val, but these are some of my favorite things about him.

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  1. Jenn

    THIS IS SO ADORABLE. I cannot handle the cute.

    And yes, you’re absolutely allowed to be head-over-heels in love with him, that’s one of the many benefits of horse ownership 🙂

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