Close Call

Wednesday was supposed to be my one day to jump a few bigger jumps before getting to the show, and was also my opportunity to reinstall some buttons after undoing Val a little at the horse show in our jump-offs and speed class. Of course, things with horses never go according to plan, and he came in with a bump on his knee. 


Profile of the front of his knee. Which should be flat…

He started out feeling about 98%, and just took a a funny step here and there in the deep footing. This in itself is not unusual, because he hates deep footing and is fussy through it in general. But after we cantered he came up definitely lame, so I iced his knee, gave him bute, wrapped him up, and put him in a stall over night.


Let me outttt!

Even though yesterday was supposed to be the day I stayed home after work and got ready for the show, instead I ran out to the barn to check on dum dum, who fortunately, appears to be sound again. Poor guy was so starved for attention after being in a stall for 24 hours, but he was still very polite which I love him about him. To be safe, I still only moved him around enough to make sure he was sound, iced his knee, and put him back in the stall. No bute and no wrap, just to make sure he really is 100%, and trainer will check him once more before putting him on the trailer, but it looks like we can still show. Woo!!


I bought myself two cute photos from the show to make myself feel better about the whole thing. Photo Credit SGL Photo


Luff him.

This sport is not without its ups and downs, but dang, I could have done without that scare. The bump still isn’t gone, but since he’s sound I’m going to ignore it. He comes in with these things all the time, and this just happened to be the one that made him off. Hopefully having nothing but one stretchy flat ride between shows doesn’t bite us in the butt. At least we get to school tonight, so I’ll have a chance to work out any kinks. Wish us luck!

7 thoughts on “Close Call

  1. Jenn

    Horses, man.
    Horses ALWAYS know the most inopportune time to get injured or come up lame. And then they injure themselves or come up lame or PULL A SHOE (not that I know anything about that at all…). Glad you guys still get to show though, have a great time! ­čÖé

    1. Yeah, I’m sure he banged it on his round bale holder or or kneeled on a rock getting up in his pasture. But the whole point of his new friend was to stop coming in with these things!

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