Fail Friday: Canter Transitions

We’ve been putting a lot of work in to improve Val’s canter and to generally get him rocked back onto his haunches so he can really push from behind. While we are capable of halfway decent transitions, more often than not they’re ugly. Especially from the trot. And if I’m being honest, I struggle with pretty trot to canter transitions on any horse. Walk to canter? Yeah I can do that. Trot to canter? No thanks. And here’s why:


A little weird, but possibly salvageable?



What is even happening here? Slouching and planting your hands never got anyone anywhere.



I think we’re cantering? There’s really no telling.


We’ll get better at this. In the mean time, have some giggles at our expense. Mostly mine.

6 thoughts on “Fail Friday: Canter Transitions

  1. Oh man, canter transitions are the devil’s work. One day, you get them great! And you’re like “HALLELUJAH, FINALLY” and then the next day, you look like a drunken duck with a monkey on your back. So hard. So fickle.

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