Fail Friday: Cross Country Edition

As promised: being brave and jumping a Novice/Training Rolltop only to fail miserably. Val is a saint for trying to take the first distance I saw, and so clever for fixing it when he realized it was a terrible idea. After this I reverted back to being a cross country weenie. No I didn’t pee myself, but I definitely thought about it.

Would you believe that this is where I asked him to leave the ground? To my credit I changed my mind but by then it was too late.

Timestamp of snap: 0:03.4

Timestamp of snap: 0:03.7

Timestamp of snap: 0:03.9

This is when I chucked my reins and let him figure it out.

Timestamp of snap: 0:04.0

Thank you Lauren for the video. Simon’s little ears watching the whole thing are so cute. I’m sure he thought he was about to witness the death of a friend.

10 thoughts on “Fail Friday: Cross Country Edition

    1. I have a problem with leaving out strides and taking super long spots. It’s kinda my thing. And my horse is so scopey he usually covers for me. This one was just a leeeeettle too wide.

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