Happy Val-entine’s Day!

One year ago today, I made the crazy decision to buy Val. It wasn’t a new partnership by any means, but things definitely changed a lot for us, and they were absolutely for the better, as long as you don’t check my bank statement. We’ve had a lot of adventures and excitement in the last year, and there have been a lot of learning experiences as well.

The first day of official horse ownership!

We’ve had a plenty of downs to go with the ups, but this horse is constantly teaching me. He’s not the easy horse I might have wanted, but he’s way better than anything I could have hoped to find in so many other ways. More than anything, this horse has been been there for me through basically my entire adult life to this point, and has helped me through many a crisis and heartbreak.

He’s such a lover.

He’s also given me the opportunity to do a lot of things I didn’t think I’d be doing for a long time, and he motivates me to dream bigger than I would have without him. He doesn’t give me anything for free, but he’s taught me in no uncertain terms that if I trust and believe in the both of us, he’ll step up to the plate.

He makes me so brave, and not only have I done things I didn’t think I could at this point in my life, he’s also helped me do things I said I’d never do, like jumping real, solid fences sin a big open field. But his joy is infectious over fences, and suddenly “I never would” became “I did.”

So happy gotcha day buddy. You’ll never read this because you’re a horse and as far as I know you aren’t literate, but I needed to make sure somebody knows how crazy in love I am with you. Here’s to many more years together.

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