Horses as Characters: Val and Flynn Rider

Austen did a really fun, unofficial blog hop that I wanted to jump on. This was tricky, because there were a few characters that came to mind. The runner up was Riff from West Side Story (Because Val would rock the heck out of a snazzy dance number, and he can be a bit…hot headed.), but I eventually landed on Flynn Rider instead. 

For starters, when he wants something–usually cookies–he has got the smolder down.


He also has a bit of an attitude and a lot of opinions, and if horses could raise their eyebrows, Val would look something like this:


He thinks he’s a bit of a “bad boy,” and he’s also kind of vain.


In fact, though he obliges most of my hair-brained ideas, I get the feeling that 90% of the time he thinks I have no idea what I’m doing. Especially when the distances get longer and longer on course.

horrible decision

Most of the time he runs hot, but there are definitely some days where he just cannot.


It doesn’t usually last long though, because all I have to do is poke him once with my spurs, or attach draw reins (that rarely have contact) and he shapes right up.

I Will Use This

He really, really hates having his ears messed with. Especially if anything is going in his ears, like poms.


He and his pasture buddies bet each other up, and he sometimes acts like he doesn’t even like them, even though they adore him, but he doesn’t actually mind them so much.


Sometimes on course–especially at shows–internally he’s having a bit of a meltdown, but he does his best to push through and do what he’s being asked the best he can with only 10% of the pistons in his brain actually firing.

freaking out

Despite all he tries to convince me he’s tough and he’s a bad boy, and we should do whatever he thinks is best, he’s actually a big, mushy sweetheart.


He’s not your typical super cooperative and easy amateur “Prince Charming,” but this version of a happy ending keeps me on my toes and if I’m being honest, all these quirks make me love him more.

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