Puddle Jumpers

Val and I are officially Puddle Jumpers. Not in the cute “we do baby jumpers” way. No. We are real Puddle Jumpers at this point. The rain finally stopped for just a brief period on Sunday so I went out to groom my horse and make sure he had all four shoes on and no more punctures to his eyelid. After all of the rain we’ve had though, there was standing water everywhere. I almost lost my rain boots several times going out to get Mr. Val.


The beastie was surprisingly clean, as in, no mud anywhere except where he was standing in it and where it splashed onto his belly. So weird, but I am not complaining. Since he was so clean, I worked on cleaning up his crazy looking mane a little. Oops, it’s been a few months since I did that. Since February I think… It’s still too long, but I at least got all of the bleached hair trimmed for the most part, and it’s a little bit neater. Usually my trainer just goes at it with scissors but she hasn’t had the opportunity to do that in a while, so I figured it was time to learn. I’ve always just pulled manes but somebody doesn’t like his mane pulled so I taught myself a new skill. In case you are curious, I was cutting straight up into the mane, not just chopping across. I’ve always been terrible with Solo Combs, but it might be worth practicing because it took me forever and a few hand cramps just to get this far. I should probably also work on braiding his mane over to the right side, but I’m just happy that it’s all on one side at all now.


He did not want to cooperate for that bottom picture. So his neck looks sad but that’s the best I’ve got. Womp.

Being the accident prone dude that he is, he had a couple of nicks on his ankle that had blown it up and had some heat, but I rinsed them and put a little medication on the nicks and I think they’ll be fine. He’s got some time off anyway thanks to the mud so they ought to clear up on their own. I do wish he would stop doing that though.

I’m hoping to swing out to the barn tonight, if nothing else, to walk around bareback and hang out with my horse. We’ve got a show coming up the second weekend of September, and another after that so I’m trying to put faith in all of the homework we’ve done, what with prep being minimal thanks to all of the rain.


There is potentially more rain in the forecast, but I’m dreaming of sunny days and googling anti-rain dances for the next few weeks. I’m bored with puddle jumping. Let me get through September, and maybe October, and then I’m good for a little while.

17 thoughts on “Puddle Jumpers

  1. They make scissors with teeth that do the same thing. Cutting into the mane is a standard for me because houstons mane is like gorilla glued in and Annie’s is so thin I don’t like to pull.

    Hopefully the rain will stop finally!

  2. Jenn

    He’s so cute in that first picture! Val’s like “mom, please. Come help me. I’m stuck and this mud is making me dirty.” Hahaha 🙂

    1. I’ve had plenty that don’t mind, but I think it annoys him more than anything. Every time I pull a piece he shakes his head all over. Even if it doesn’t hurt, it sure seems like it would feel weird!

  3. scissor cuts ftw!!! that’s basically my favorite way to do manes bc it also gets REALLY fast after you kinda relax and just go with it (or after a couple beers haha {not recommended})

    1. I would probably be way less terrified if I’d had a few beers first. It took me forever because I was too scared to cut very far up. It takes a while when you go 1 cm at a time.

    1. Yeah I’ve definitely been keeping an eye on that. So far he’s pretty ok, but I think it’s mostly because it’s still so soupy that nothing gets packed in his feet to trap the moisture.

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