Still Soggy

After 3.5 days to dry out, the arenas were still soggy and squishy yesterday. Someone apparently rode, but I almost lost my rain boot walking through the sopping mess, so I opted not to make my horse work in it. Instead, we had another good grooming session. I’m hopping on a plane to San Diego for the weekend after work today, so I wanted to at least touch my horse and spend some time with him before I leave. Even if I couldn’t ride, grooming was fairly therapeutic, and I felt stress I didn’t even know I had melt away while I brushed Val, and he was pretty sweet and affectionate for the whole thing, so I’d like to think he enjoyed the attention.

Sorry-not-sorry about the following terrible, nighttime cellphone pictures.

After grooming, we had some quality time in which I tried to take pictures of him and all his shiny fuzz…


Stop it human. I am not enthused.

We also tried to take some selfies, but I’m terrible at them, and Val was not interested in posing for his fans. Several times he tried to make the photo better by hiding me from the camera.


“No pictures pleez.”



“Trust me. The picture is better this way.”



” I said it’s better without your face! Not amused. Will not make cute face.”

Then we practiced some of his tricks. We did some hugs, we did some bows, and he gave me lots of kisses.


“I’ll show you kisses!”



“I get cookies now, yes?”

We also practiced a new trick: Following me around the barn without a lead rope. He’ll do this in the pasture, but he gets distracted as soon as we leave.

Once I finished torturing playing with and fussing over Val, I put him back out. He has two gates to his pasture. One with a really annoying gate that swings ALLLL the way open and an electric wire that is on the inside of that wide open gate, and even when disconnected touches the gate so it stays hot. The other is the one I typically use, but with all the rain, it has a giant puddle on the other side, and even with my rain boots, I didn’t want to trek through it. So coming out I went through the annoying gate, but putting him away, I didn’t feel like dealing with it, and made him go through the puddle/horse eating ocean. It took some coaxing and convincing, but he jumped/jogged through the puddle and I turned him loose, only to realize I never picked out his feet. *sigh*

After work today, I’m off to the airport to visit my Navy friend before he’s deployed in January. Yippee! What are your favorite things to do in San Diego, or what would you like to do that you’ve never done?


3 thoughts on “Still Soggy

  1. haha it appears that my mare isn’t the only one who refuses to prick her ears when the camera comes out lol. Val looks super cute anyway tho. enjoy your trip to a much sunnier (and drier) place!

  2. Caitlyn

    Tell Jorge hi for me since he never talks to me! You might want to give him a swim check first and push him into the ocean just to make sure he’s got the swimming thing down now lol. Also, SD is full of hippies! Beware!

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