Val’s Christmas List

Of course I have a list as well that I’ll post soon, but Val is the real star of this blog, so his Christmas list is first! Below are the top 5 things Val is hoping Santa will bring him this year.


I might be biased here, but I’m pretty sure he’s the most handsome creature ever.


  1. Ecolicious Equestrian GLOSSY Gloss Enhancing Coat Tonic–Living outside year round is hard on his lovely coat, so he needs a little help to keep it shiny and healthy, especially in the winter months when baths are hard to come by. It also helps mask the stink from all the mud, so that he smells like a civilized animal.gloss enhancing coat tonic
  2. German Horse Muffins–He likes almost all cookies, as long as they don’t taste like peppermint or apples, but German Horse Muffins (and donuts) are his favorite. He’s been a very good boy this year, so he has definitely earned the special cookies.cookies
  3. A new face brush (that is not too small to also use on the rest of his body) from Teddy’s Tack Trunk–Val thought that Henry looked so nice when Amanda reviewed his brush, that his (once) very soft and falling apart face/body brush will no longer do, and really he might just need a full set of new brushes if he’s being honest.brush
  4. A leather girth–He has a fleece SmartPak girth, (and could maybe use a second once for showing) but needs a leather girth for the random Medal or Derby that he gets thrown in. Ok this might be a little bit for me too, but I promise, he’ll appreciate it.girth
  5. A Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Loose Ring–Or something similar with a sweet metal. His current bit is functional, but I often wonder if he might be happier in something with copper or a Herm Sprenger. The tricky part is finding something that is light (potentially hollow) and a little fat, but not too fat. He’s got such a tiny mouth that it’s easy to get something too fat, but he also is not a fan of a thin bit.


I’m sure there are other things he’d like to have, but those are his main wish list items. Especially the cookies. And if someone wanted to send him a dozen donuts he wouldn’t object. What do your ponies want for Christmas?

8 thoughts on “Val’s Christmas List

  1. i pretty much adore my KK and just ordered another one on ebay, where they can be found at very reasonable prices. fwiw tho, the fatter hallow versions were deemed way less acceptable by my small-mouthed mare

  2. Caitlyn

    I get so many weird looks when I mention that Paddy loves donut holes, but only when they’re fresh lol. A vet I work with told me, “Yeah, until he colics”. That’s why she’s small animal and not equine lol half a dozen donut holes once every two years will not make him colic. #imandequinenutritionmastersstudentduh

    1. I first got them at our last Dover tent sale, because they were cheaper than the Mrs. Pasture’s we usually get. He’s a cookie fiend anyway, but he will do just about anything for a German Horse Muffin.

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