Weekend Recap

This weekend is severely lacking in media (video stills it is), but a lack of pretty pictures does not mean it was not full of Val and fantastic. It has been sooo hot here in Texas, which I suppose most of you have noticed. This awesome meme popped on my Facebook feed, and the nerd in me was delighted.


With all the heat it has been tough to find the motivation to ride, and Val was a wild man on Monday, so I was concerned he would overheat himself. That means after he tried to kill us both of heat stroke I put off riding again until Thursday. The good news is that wild man had his brain back in his head. I waited to ride until almost 8 which helped with the heat and we had two great hacks.


Saturday was the real test. I was hoping we could lesson on Sunday, but we hadn’t jumped since the show. Val wanted to move up just a hair for the last 2-3 strides to each jump, but otherwise was a saint. My little thoroughbred is finally growing up. We jumped around over everything in the ring a couple of times at varying heights and then practiced our long and low, stretchy trot a few times each way and called it a day. I just have to say, when this horse is good, he is so pleasant and fun. He’s been a little tense since the show, but he finally was soft and nice for the whole ride. Val also had some TLC and got a bath (with some awesome products which will be reviewed later this week), but his mane did not get pulled as much as I had hoped because somebody was fussy.


Sunday we kept it easy in the lesson and just did a grid that was 4 jumps with one stride in between. The first time through we just had an AstroTurf crossrail with one stride to a pole, and someone (who is not a crossrail fan) decided he needed to jump knees to eyeballs. Fortunately he smoothed out and was so great. He tends to either rush through grids, or be backed off, but he went through Sunday like a little hunter. The video is our last time through.

Couldn’t have asked for more from him this weekend, and with that, we are officially going to a clinic with Ragan Roberts in two weeks! I haven’t done a clinic since I was in high school so I’m stoked. He’s got the day off today, and then it’s back into fitness boot camp so we’ll both make it through a two-day clinic without dying. Any ideas for how to get a horse fit who gets bored quickly and sassy if we do “busy work?” Sound off in the comments with fun exercises that will keep him focused but get us both fit!

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