What I’ve Been Up To in Pictures

So turns out finding a work/life balance is tricky. Especially when you throw horses into the mix, and try to keep a regular blog about the whole mess. And thanks to all of that I haven’t written a post in two weeks. Oops. Even Lily gave me the stink eye.



But what have I been up to since I last posted about our amazing clinic? Well lets see…

I had a great lesson on Val where we jumped approx. 1.15 m out of a grid by the end:

Timestamp of snap: 0:07.4

And this is the time through where I lost my left stirrup over the first jump and never got it back.

Still one stirrup.

Timestamp of snap: 0:04.9

Timestamp of snap: 0:06.1

First time jumping this high in a reaaaally long time and he was a super star.

After that we had one more decent hack before I left to Rhode Island for my best friend’s graduation from the Naval Officer Candidate School. He is officially a Nuclear Surface Warfare Officer (I think I said that right?) and I’m super proud of him.


Turns out, he’s super handy to have around now that he’s done, because my boots have never been shinier. We’ll see how long it lasts… he won’t be able to clean them up again once he leaves for San Diego.

Then I had to do adult things like grocery shopping, it rained a bunch, and then I FINALLY got back out to the barn on Sunday after almost two weeks had passed since my previous ride. No pictures from that ride, but for having a bit of a vacation, Val was super. We didn’t do anything too hard, just hacked around and worked on downward transitions. I thought we were trying to do last minute show prep yet again, but the barn decided to do a cross country school this weekend, and I’m super stoked. After our ride we had some nice quality time and participated in #selfiesunday.


For not blogging in almost two weeks, it’s not been all that exciting around here. I should have some more interesting content soon though, and I’ll of course get as much media as possible from our cross country school. Last fun thing: USHJA featured us in their new flyer for a Zone 8 Ragan Roberts Clinic so now we’re basically famous. Thanks for passing this on and taking such a great photo Alie!



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