Fourteen Years Young

I apologize for the significant absence, and I can’t promise I’ll be back to blogging regularly just yet, as it’s been a busy couple of months. But I’ll do my best to get back at it soon. In the meantime, there’s always a little time to celebrate my best beastie, who turned fourteen yesterday! Continue reading

Golden Birthday

I know I’ve posted about it on Instagram and Facebook, but I don’t remember if I shared this year’s birthday plans on the blog. But just in case I didn’t, surprise! I’m celebrating in Hawaii with one of my two best friends! Today I turn 24 on the 24th making this my golden birthday, and it seemed like as good an excuse Continue reading

Weekend Recap: A Birthday, A Derby School, and A Lot of Rain

In case you haven’t realized, it’s pouring in Texas. Again.

Knowing it was going to rain all week, our trainer moved lessons to Saturday instead of Sunday, and despite the light rain, we all lessoned anyway over the derby jumps since there is supposed to be a Derby held at a local show Continue reading

Guinness Cupcakes and a Little Shopping

Last week was a bit of a breather on the riding front. I only actually got out to the barn three times, and a friend lunged Val for me on Friday. Regardless, Val was very good, and we did a short school on our own in the 20+ mph winds on Saturday, in which I still bumped the jumps up to 3’6, and he clocked around like no big deal. Continue reading