Lexington Spring Premiere: Hunter Breeding

While I was visiting in Virginia, we headed over to the Virginia Horse Center to show the babies in the hunter breeding classes at the Lexington Spring Premiere. For Stellar, traveling to and hanging out for a day at rated shows is old hat, since she showed on the line all of last year, but for baby Beau, this was his first horse show. Previously he’s been to the vet once and inspection with Bethany, and that’s about the extent of his traveling experience.  Continue reading

Virginia Fun

This past weekend, my mama was in town and we played with the horses all weekend. Since I took Monday off to hang out with her, I only just realized I forgot to do a Tuesday post, so…sorry about that! Tomorrow ought to be a bit more exciting, but I’m not quite finished with photo stuff.  Continue reading

Weekend Recap: Asking Harder Questions

Friday the Nations cup at WEF was being live streamed, so I made Joseph sit and watch with me while we munched on chips and homemade queso (having a live-in boyfriend who can actually cook is amazing). Joseph said watching  the Nations Cup with me was kind of like me watching football with him, except that I actually know a little bit about football, Continue reading

Let’s Talk Breeding!

Are you thinking of breeding this spring, but you’re not sure where to start? Or maybe you’ve just always been curious about what it’s like to run a breeding operation, be it small-scale, or a bigger operation. Maggie Fullington runs a medium-sized breeding operation outside of Palm Beach Florida Continue reading