Cross Country Schooling at Pine Hill

This weekend, our barn made the last minute decision to go cross country schooling at Pine Hill just for fun. We’re a thoroughly Hunter/Jumper barn, but it’s fun to go play sometimes. I think we actually ended up taking 12 people? It was crazy. Last time we went cross country schooling over a year ago, we had a lot of fun (and almost died once), but Val was a little bit Continue reading

Weekend Recap: Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

It’s been two weeks since our show, and Val and I have been taking a bit of a vacation thanks to weather and my work schedule, and just needing a little down time. But this weekend, we really buckled down again with some heavy lifting in our flat work and some pretty tight bounce work. Continue reading

Hot Mess

So Monday. Wow. It was bad. Sunday was fabulous, we had so much fun, and then on Monday poor Val just could not. To his credit, he got moved to a new pasture with a new room mate on Sunday after the lesson, and I think he was a bit undone Continue reading

Slow Progress is Still Progress

It’s been quite a while at this point since we had our dressage lesson. At first, it seemed like we were making so much progress so fast. But now progress is a little slower. Sometimes Val comes out stiff and tight or worried about softening and I have to be happy with much smaller successes. Continue reading

Too Easy

After Thursday’s lovely ride, Val had Friday off, and then Saturday I went out to jump him around a bit and make sure everything stayed normal on the weird leg front. All of the poofiness was gone when I got there, and the hole in his eye lid was looking better as well. He warmed up pretty ok. Continue reading