Pin Oak II – Jumpers

Here it is you guys: The final Pin Oak post! Though this will by no means be the last time you see pictures from this show.

By the time this hits the blog, I’ll be having fun on the farm in Virginia. I’m planning to have content ready to post between now and when I return on Monday night, but I may be slow to respond to comments what with the spotty service out on the farm. Continue reading

Pin Oak II – Overview

I had a ton of fun with Caitlyn at Chick Who Lifts and another friend from the barn at Pin Oak, and have a lot of thoughts to share, now that I finally have all of the photos edited. There were so many beautiful horses everywhere! We chose to go Saturday so that we could get the most out of our trip with the special classes at night in the jumper ring, Continue reading

San Antonio Charity Show: Sunday

On Sunday I woke up feeling a little bit like I’d been hit by a truck, just from standing, walking, photographing, and riding all day Saturday. With a little Starbucks I was feeling much better, and after watching a couple of friends in the hunters, I went to take my pony for a walk. I opted not to lunge unless he was feeling really fresh simply because I didn’t want to run out of horse again. Fortunately, he was completely fine. Continue reading