Cross Country Schooling at Pine Hill

This weekend, our barn made the last minute decision to go cross country schooling at Pine Hill just for fun. We’re a thoroughly Hunter/Jumper barn, but it’s fun to go play sometimes. I think we actually ended up taking 12 people? It was crazy. Last time we went cross country schooling over a year ago, we had a lot of fun (and almost died once), but Val was a little bit Continue reading

Adventures at MeadowCreek Park

So since I’m way more excited to tell y’all about Sunday, and I’m sure Sunday is going to provide more interesting content than Saturday, I’m going to recap my weekend in reverse. Don’t worry — for those of you who like technical recaps about the Circle of Death, it’s coming.

So as I mentioned in my post last week, we were supposed to go to an out of town schooling show this weekend. However there was just a show last weekend, and not many people were signed up. Continue reading