Let’s Discuss: Horse Show Warm Up

I’ve seen a pretty wide variety of tactics where horse show warm up is concerned. There are the people who take 5 minutes w/t/c 1 or 2 laps each way, jump a few jumps, and then they march right in. They’re efficient, it saves their horse for the show ring, and they tend not to be in anyone’s way–though their Continue reading

Not My Type

Yesterday, Emma mentioned in her blog post that her mare isn’t really her type of ride, but is instead the horse that fell into her lap. I can definitely relate. My preferred discipline is Hunters and Equitation, and yet here I am doing the Jumpers on my little speed bike of a horse. Continue reading

Let’s discuss: Social Media Responsibility

A while ago, Amanda at The $900 Facebook Pony did a post that talked about whether big name riders and the like have a responsibility to wear helmets and practice good safety habits since they are paid to be an example, and as celebrities of the horse world, are inevitably demonstrating the habits of those at the top of the sport. Continue reading