Holiday Gift Guide: Odds and Ends!

This will be the last in the series, since by now deadlines to get your gifts in time is rapidly approaching! For this post, I wanted to give you a few fun little extras. Just like the other two posts in this series, I looked for things that were nice, but still budget friendly, and seemingly not as well known around the blogosphere. Unlike in my other Continue reading

Virginia Fun

This past weekend, my mama was in town and we played with the horses all weekend. Since I took Monday off to hang out with her, I only just realized I forgot to do a Tuesday post, so…sorry about that! Tomorrow ought to be a bit more exciting, but I’m not quite finished with photo stuff.  Continue reading

Back in the Swing of Things

You may be noticing a theme over here at The Graduated Equestrian: I keep gushing about how great Val has been. With a few exceptions (because horses) he’s been so game, and willing, and just plain fun to ride and work with since we’ve finally been getting back into work. Friday we schooled a few courses in the dark that were kind of wild and wooly and all over, but Val finally took a deep breath and cantered right up Continue reading

SmartPak Favorite Products Blog Hop

So it rained all weekend, and we’ve been dealing with a booboo on Val’s hind leg that isn’t making him lame, but does have some heat and swelling, which means it’s been very boring and short hacks and nothing exciting to talk about. Therefore…it’s a perfect time for a blog hop!
Thanks Breeches and Boat Shoes and SmartPak for this fun and quick blog hop.

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