Weekend Recap: Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

It’s been two weeks since our show, and Val and I have been taking a bit of a vacation thanks to weather and my work schedule, and just needing a little down time. But this weekend, we really buckled down again with some heavy lifting in our flat work and some pretty tight bounce work. Continue reading

Let’s Discuss: Horse Show Warm Up

I’ve seen a pretty wide variety of tactics where horse show warm up is concerned. There are the people who take 5 minutes w/t/c 1 or 2 laps each way, jump a few jumps, and then they march right in. They’re efficient, it saves their horse for the show ring, and they tend not to be in anyone’s way–though their Continue reading

Little by little

By my estimation, it’s been just over three months since we had our dressage lesson. The dressage lesson where I envisioned working on our less-than-polished lateral movements and learning all the fancy prancy tricks. And instead of practicing for our Grand Prix debut can you guess what we did Dressage/Eventing friends? That’s right. Continue reading

Square Turns

After getting back from VA, my week was pretty crazy, and I only got to Val on Wednesday, so I made a plan to work hard Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Val didn’t agree with this plan, but we’ll get to that shortly. Wednesday’s flat was lack luster, and Val really wasn’t giving me much, but I didn’t worry too much, since horses are horses and just aren’t going to come out perfect every day, just like we don’t. Continue reading